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Aapke Aa Jaane Se:
Sahil reaches the radio station. He publicly declares his love for Vedika. He wants his message to reach Vedika. He says Vedika is leaving the city as a young guy loves her, which the society is disapproving. He tells the people about his love for an elderly woman, about which he is proud. He asks Vedika not to run away because of the society’s fear.

Avni gets caught up by goons. Sunehri and kids beg them not to hurt Avni. The goon locks up Avni. He switches on the gas knobs and threaten of burning the house. Avni gets panicking. Saisha can’t lose Avni. She gets shouting for Avni. The goon scares the kids. They ask Avni to vacate the house. Sunehri suggests they should call Neil for help, but Avni stops her.

Laado 2:


There is a new storm in the haveli. Yuvraaj gets arrested on the charges of drug smuggling. Police troubles Yuvraaj. He tries hard to defend himself. Anushka comes home to return a phone to Yuvraaj. She happens to see his arrest. Yuvraaj feels Anushka has pushed him in this new trouble. Malhari fills poison in his mind against Anushka. She tells Yuvraaj that Anushka has called the police, its her new drama.

Piyaa Albela:
Pooja packs her bags and leaves from Vyas mansion. Her attempt to expose Naina has failed. Naren is marrying Naina, as she is pregnant with Mayank’s child. Pooja falls helpless. Naina will be succeeding in her motives. Naina taunts Pooja while bidding her a farewell. Chandrika tells Pooja that the family doesn’t deserve her tears, she should be happy to get rid of these shameless people. She vents out anger on Naren. Naina doesn’t know if Naren and Pooja are playing a game to expose her truth.

Jiji Maa:
Falguni, Niyati and Gayatri do the Gangaur puja. They are glad that Uttara is away. Jayant does the puja with Gayatri, who is the rightful owner of the mansion. Uttara hides from IT officials and takes a maid’s disguise. She gets helpless to work as maid. Falguni teaches a lesson to Uttara. She sees him playing with kids. She learns Suyash loves children a lot. She gets guilty to hide such a big truth from him. Falguni feels sorry that she can give love to Suyash, but she can never give a child to him. She speaks out her pain in front of Kanha.

Ishq Mein Marjawa:

Deep gets sure that Aarohi is staying with them as Tara. Aarohi overhears Deep and Kaali’s conversation and gets alert. Deep wears his thinking cap and analyzes the changes in their lives brought by Aarohi. Deep turns into a spy and keeps an eye on Aarohi to catch her red-handed. Deep confronts Aarohi and tells her that he knows she is Aarohi. Deep will be exposing Aarohi in front of the family. Aarohi can’t leave her revenge motives unfulfilled. She is trying her best to prove she is Tara. Virat lands in jail. Aarohi meets him and asks him who has framed him. She tells him that she can kill anyone for his sake. He wants to be sure if she is really Tara or not. He doesn’t reveal much to her.


Goenkas celebrate Holika dahan along with Singhania family. Aryan waits for Suhana. He wants to introduce his girlfriend to the family. He gets upset when she doesn’t come on his invitation. Kartik and Naira bond with a little baby. They find a baby who got away from her parents on the eve of Holika dahan. They swear to take care of the baby and raise her with love. They also try to find the baby’s parents. They get emotional. The baby’s parents come to Goenka house to get their baby. The couple thanks Naira for taking care of her baby. They leave with the baby. It gets painful for Naira to part with the baby. Dadi gets a wish to see Kartik and Naira’s child soon. She wants Naira to fulfill her dream.


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