Parth gets sensitive about the family in Dil Se Dil Tak


Parth is very much worried because of Priya, who is creating many troubles in his lives. Shorvori supports Parth. He gets angered when he doesn’t get a good response in his work. She asks him to calm down and lower the stress. Parth tells her that the family is in tension because of him, Dada ji is so upset. She asks him to handle the situation with patience, if he can’t be strong, how will he help the family. Teni is happy after receiving an invitation. She tells them that Lord has blessed her and said all the tensions will get over. She says I m not worried anymore. They ask her the reason. Teni asks them to be positive.

Parth asks her if the matter doesn’t affect her. She tells him that she is happy after talking to her old friend Roopa. She gets positive vibes. Roopa invites Teni, Parth and Shorvori in the party. Teni feels everyone will feel better by attending the party.

Teni tells them about the party invitation. She says we should go there and keep her wish. Parth is annoyed with her as she is not thinking about the family. He says we can’t do party in such a time. Teni says when happiness comes in the time of sorrow, we should get happy and forget sorrow, maybe Lord shows us some way. Teni suggests they should really go. She asks Parth not to misunderstand her intentions, but she is doing this for everyone’s betterment. Parth wants to avoid any more drama in his life. He worries for any bad happening in the party.


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