Neil to deal with his conflicting feelings in Naamkarann


Shweta demands Neil to marry Mitali. Neil refuses to Shweta. Neil has met Avni by coincidence and learnt that she is alive. Neil gets Avni with him to his place. Neil finds someone at the door. He hides Avni in the bathroom. Neil is stuck in the strange situation. Neil is annoyed with Avni. Neil can’t share the matter with Mitali. He can’t love Mitali, while she is in love with Neil. Mitali proposes Neil for marriage. She confesses her love. Neil can’t explain her how much he loves Avni. Neil doesn’t know what to tell Mitali. He can’t break Mitali’s heart. He asks Mitali to give him some time to think. He doesn’t want to lose her friendship. He is very angry on Avni for her big lie. He confronts Avni for cheating him. Neil gets in dilemma over choosing either of Avni or Mitali.

Neil learns Mitali knew Avni’s truth. Avni tells Neil that she has tied Mitali by an oath for not revealing her existence truth to him. Neil feels Avni has been very unjust towards him. He thinks of his yearning and sorrow that Avni gifted him.

Neil vents out anger on Avni. Avni gets speechless on his confrontation. She sheds tears. She fails to explain him why she was so helpless to run away from the family to secure them. Neil doesn’t know how to react and how to accept Avni back in his life, even when he was wishing each day that she returns to him. He feels cheated and abandoned. He is stuck in such a situation that he can’t express his love for Avni. They have an awkward moment. Neil decides to help Avni conceal her existence, so that Vidyut doesn’t get released from the jail. Later on, Avni teaches some self defense techniques to Saisha. She asks Saisha to face every tough situation in life. She wants Saisha to become independent and fight her battle on her own. Avni and Saisha practice in their mock fight.


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