Sahil to plan a romantic date in Aapke Aa Jane Se


Sahil plans a romantic date with Vedika. She wears the blue saree, gifted by Sahil. Sahil gets glad and compliments her beauty. Sahil decorates the place and lights up. The neighborhood witnesses this. Sahil wants to show everyone that he has married Vedika. Vedika knows this is not the truth. Sahil has believed that Vedika is his wife. He expresses his love to her once again. He tells her that he can’t live without her, and till she doesn’t reciprocate, he will just keeping loving her. Vedika scolds Sahil for his madness. Sahil proves his love to Vedika.

He shows the photo collages he designed for her. Sahil takes the sindoor to fill in her hairline. Vedika gets angry on him and tells him that she can’t accept him as her husband, as she knows they aren’t married. Sahil is sure to win her heart. Later, Sahil gives his and Vedika’s name in Kanpur couple dance competition. Sahil will prove his love for Vedika by winning the competition. Varun and Devika will also participate in the competition. There will be a merger episode of Aapke Aa Jane Se and Jeet Gayi Toh Piyaa Morre.


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