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Nimki Mukhiya:Tetar family begin to leave for attending a marriage function. A huge ladder falls over them. Many bad omens occur. Anaro gets worried by the problems. She suggests they shouldn’t go. Babbu saves Tetar and Anaro from getting hurt. Babbu asks them not to fall in such beliefs.

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai: Naira is fighting with her biggest fears to undergo a surgery. Naitik’s love and concern is weakening her more. She asks Naitik not to worry for her much and instead fill strength and courage in her, so that she can get the surgery done. Kartik and Naira return from the hospital and tell Dadi that everything is clear in the tests, Naira can go ahead for the surgery. Kartik and Naira are trying hard to sort the issues, so that they can give a heir to Goenka family. Naira takes the appointment for the operation. Naitik gets worried for her. She doesn’t let him say anything to Goenkas. She tells Naitik that its too easy for her and she will manage it really well, no one needs to accompany her to the hospital.



Chakor is making a new start to empower the village women. She wants the women to find courage in themselves. She wants the women to match steps with their husbands. The women feel Chakor isn’t right totally. Chakor tries to explain them that its their right to live their life their way. Chakor says no one can stop us from taking a flight, we have to step out of the houses and create a niche for ourselves. Suraj also supports Chakor and tells them that they have to stay united.


Jasleen will be seen changing her behavior towards Soumya. Soumya is given one day time to prove her love towards Harman. She has taken the challenge to win Harman. She has to prove her innocence as well. She is sure that Harman will love her again. Soumya gets Nani and Preeto’s support. She is trying hard to prove herself right on her stand. Jasleen makes a plan against Soumya to keep her away from Harman. She adds chilly powder in Soumya’s food. Jasleen consumes the spicy food instead Soumya. She fails in her plans. Preeto taunts Jasleen and gives her water. She was aware of Jasleen’s intentions.


Avni and Neil get together for Saisha’s Roka. Kamini raises a question on Saisha’s parents. Kamini asks Avni about her husband. She tells Avni that Saisha has told her that her dad is a cop, working in Mumbai. Avni gets embarrassed to answer Kamini. Neil feels bad when Kamini questions Saisha. He takes a step to support Avni and Saisha. Avni confronts Saisha for lying to KK and his family. She asks Saisha why did she lie to make a relation, lies never lay the right foundation for any relation. Avni gets much annoyed. Saisha gets emotional and explains how helpless she was, as she has no idea who are her real parents. She asks Avni why didn’t she tell her about her parents before. Saisha justifies her lie. She didn’t wish to tell KK that she is an orphan.

Rishta Likhenge Hum Naya:

Ratan doesn’t realize his love for Diya completely. He is still planning things that makes Diya hate her. He wonders why Diya loves him. He finds Diya’s lovely surprise. Diya sends the gifts for Ratan at office. Ratan cries and talks to Diya’s picture. He doesn’t feel suitable for her. He tells her that she is too perfect and he can’t complete her, he doesn’t deserve her at all. He wants Diya to be happy. He knows he can’t keep Diya happy.

Savitri Devi College and Hospital:
Sanchi gets stuck between her duties towards home and hospital. She is given a challenge by Kabir. She has to prove herself and take a stand for Veer’s respect. Kabir resigns from the hospital to teach a lesson to Veer and Sanchi. He knows the hospital needs him. Sanchi wants Kabir to join them back. Veer apologizes to Kabir and asks him to join the hospital, as he is the foundation of the hospital. Kabir asks Veer to make a sacrifice and quit from his job. Veer accepts the condition and tells Sanchi that he wants some time to decide for his career. He doesn’t reveal anything to Sanchi. He compromises his career to get Kabir back. Veer asks Sanchi not to worry for his career. He declares his decision to the board. Kabir joins back and gets a welcome. Kabir will create troubles for Veer and Sanchi.

Kumkum Bhagya:

Abhi accepts that he was present there at the time of Simonika’s death. He gets framed in Simonika’s murder case. Pragya asks Abhi not to give any such statement that makes him fall in deep trouble. Abhi regrets to push Simonika and feels guilty. Pragya tells him that she will always be with him. Abhi gets a relief when Dadi and Pragya show immense belief in him. Pragya doesn’t let Abhi fall weak. She gives him courage. Pragya breaks within seeing Abhi’s shattering state. Pragya determines to prove Abhi’s innocence.


Susheel’s new journey will begin. Susheel leaves her family after Dada ji abandons her. Dada ji just finds Susheel at fault and feels she is too unlucky for the family. He goes on insulting Susheel and blaming her for all the wrong happenings in their lives. Though the family members support her, she doesn’t want to hurt Dada ji further. She makes a leave from the family with a heavy heart. Susheel finds tough to live alone, but holds on her sorrows to gain strength. Susheel’s family worries for her.

Kaal Bhairav Rahasya:

Yashpal tells Rahul that Namrata is not the mastermind, the real culprit is someone else and is just using Namrata for his motives. Yashpal arrests Namrata, while Seth ji plans an attack on him to free his aide Namrata. Rahul receives a big shock when the real truth comes out. Rahul, Namrata and Gauri receive a big shock when they come face to face with Seth ji. The show is heading towards a closure. The climax will be too thrilling.


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