Avni determines to bridge the gap to Neil’s heart


Neil proves Avni’s innocence and bails her out. He wants to protect her from Vidyut. Neil thinks of Avni’s lie and gets drinking. He asks Avni to leave him alone. Neil gets drunk and sunk in sorrow. Avni tries to console him. Neil thinks of the ten years period, when he lives alone with Avni’s memories. He thinks of the nights he slept alone weeping. He tells Avni that it was very tough for him to live alone, and it was all because of her lie. He can’t understand he should be happy or sad that Avni is alive. He feels cheated in love. He is sorrowful that Avni took the decision for both of them alone. He expresses his pain to Avni.

He asks Avni how is her love, if she loved him, why didn’t he believe him. He feels she made him helpless and didn’t care for his heartbreak. He falls in mixed dilemma. He has much anger in his heart. He thinks of his sufferings. He shoves off Avni. She is trying hard to convince Neil. She wants their relation to turn stronger like before. Avni determines to bridge the gap between her and Neil, knowing the distance is just hurting Neil more. Will Avni succeed to end his anger? Keep reading.

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