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Aapke Aa Jane Se:
Nidhi spikes Sahil’s food to make him unconscious. She is scared when Sahil talks about marriage annulment. She doesn’t want the marriage to break as she really loves Sahil. She finds a solution to make Sahil accept her and their marriage forever. Nidhi plans to have a relation with Sahil, which he can never deny. She knows once Sahil accepts her as wife, he will never end ties with her. Sahil gets drunk. Nidhi tries to get closer to him, when he loses out. He falls asleep. Nidhi takes advantage of his unconsciousness. Nidhi’s plan fails miserably. Sahil just loves Vedika and names her in such a sleepy state. Nidhi gets furious on him.

Jiji Maa:
Suyash and Falguni go for their honeymoon. Uttara doesn’t want them to come close. Falguni goes missing. Suyash reaches the jungle to search for her. He gets an intuition that she is in danger. Falguni gets kidnapped by Uttara. She gets buried inside a coffin. Suyash looks for Falguni. He finds Falguni buried and rescues her. He doesn’t know who has done this with Falguni. He finds his love. Falguni doubts Uttara is behind the attack.

The angry women protest against Meera. The NGO women drag Meera to blacken her face and punish her. They all speak against Meera’s character. They humiliate Meera after seeing the wrong video in the wedding ceremony. They get the black ink to smear Meera’s face. They compel Meera and torture her. Meera shouts to Dolly for help. Vivaan reaches there on time. Vivaan scolds the women. He defends Meera and gets beaten up. He fights with them. He protects Meera. He stops the women and threatens them to back off. He holds himself responsible for all this. Vivaan doesn’t let them touch Meera. Meera cries hugging him. Vivaan answers everyone. Vivaan turns into her savior. Vivaan will be marrying Meera.

Laado 2:
Shaurya will soon learn Anushka’s reality. He gets suspicious that she isn’t his Juhi. He decides to test her identity. Anushka has to hide her identity for the sake of Dadi’s health.

Rishta Likhenge Hum Naya:
Ratan and Diya prepare the food with love. Ratan manages all the work. She tells him that he can’t clean the utensils, he can’t handle it alone. He tells her that he can easily handle everything, as he used to stay alone abroad. Diya teaches him work. They play with water and soap bubbles like kids. Diya also doesn’t know cooking well. They plan to make anything of their knowledge. Ratan tells Diya that the locker password is her date of birth. He then punches the code and gets the jewelry from the locker. He tells that he just remembers her birthday. She feels special and gets glad. Diya wants to prove bankruptcy rumors false. They have to get back the investors home. Ratan and Diya hide the jewelry so that police doesn’t seize it. Kakisa worries seeing the locker empty.

Woh Apna Sa:

Rano plans a huge drama. She falls off the stairs deliberately and complains to Akash that her foot got twisted. Akash helps her and lifts her to take her to the sofa. He drops her and goes. Rano then creates a scene and traps Akash. Rano tries to charm Akash. Akash slaps her seeing her true side. Akash can’t believe she is so cheap. Rano threatens Akash and scolds him when she sees Arjun coming. She asks Akash to leave her, else she will beat him. Akash pushes her away and calls her mad. She does a big drama and accuses Akash.

Anurag reaches Ragini’s home to convince her. Anurag’s cute antics make her smile. Ragini doesn’t want to forget whatever happened. Anurag and Ragini have a romantic moment.


Saisha and KK get married. Neil blesses them. Kamini too comes to bless her son. Neil and Avni become the witnesses when the lovers get married in the court. Kamini is left with no option than to accept Saisha. Kamini wants to trouble Avni and take revenge from her. Avni packs her bags to leave Neil’s house. Avni gets in a dilemma. Avni gets hurt. Neil sees Avni hurt and turns caring for her. Neil can’t tolerate Avni’s pain. He wishes to stop her, but his anger stops him.

Ishq Mein Marjawa:
Aarohi provokes Vedika to reveal the truth infront of the media. Deep arrives late for the conference. Vedika sees Deep and recollects his truth. Roma is becoming a minister. The press conference gets a dramatic twist. Aarohi stays worried. She awaits Vedika to ruin the fun. Aarohi and Virat pose with Roma. Roma tries to show her good image.

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