Laado 2: Shaurya gets hopeful of winning Anushka’s love


Shaurya faints down while saving Anushka from the goons. Anushka is worried for him. She takes Shaurya to the hospital. She tells doctor that she doesn’t know much about Shaurya. Doctor treats Shaurya’s wounds. She feels strange that Shaurya had much bleeding from the wound. She tells doctor that Shaurya had beaten the goons, he didn’t get much hurt because of them, how can this wound get so deep. Doctor tells her that the wound is old, maybe he had a fight few days back. Anushka and Shaurya have a moment. They start arguing in front of the doctor.

Shaurya asks Anushka to talk in low tone. He refuses to have medicines. Anushka scolds him. Doctor asks Shaurya to be thankful to Anushka, as she got him to hospital in time. She asks him not to fight this way that hurts his old wounds. Anushka gets annoyed with Shaurya and leaves from there. Shaurya tells the doctor that this girl is very irritating. Shaurya then changes his mind and takes medicines. He understands Anushka cares for him. He gets happy that his pain has made Anushka connect with him. He is sure that Anushka will realize love for him.



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