Naamkarann: Mogli’s secret connection to get revealed


Avni and Neil’s relation will soon get a big twist after a revelation about their child. Avni makes a mind to leave from Neil’s life so that he can start a new life and make a new relationship with Mitali. Neil’s family doesn’t want Avni to leave. Avni tells Neil that she doesn’t want to become a burden on him. She feels she is enough to raise the kids alone. She doesn’t want the kids to face more problems in life. Neil apologizes to her. He asks her not to make the kids suffer because of their fight. The family requests Avni to end the matter. Neil asks Avni to leave his house when she finds a good house for the kids. She decides to stay back for time being.

Avni imagines a sweet moment with Neil. She weeps realizing where life has got her. Neil fights with his emotions. Its tough for both Neil and Avni to live without each other. They can’t see each other in pain. They want to live together and still get distanced by their stubbornness.


Avni longs for Neil, but is just hurt by his annoyance. She realizes things can never get fine between Neil and her. Neil tells her that she has taken a wrong step by deciding to leave. Shweta tells Mitali that Avni agreed to stay back with them, but Avni and Neil should sort their issues. She wants Neil and Avni to unite. She feels bad that Neil isn’t forgiving Avni. She tells Mitali that maybe Neil should move on and get separated from Avni if the relation is really hurting him. She wants to see both of them happy. Mitali cooks food for Neil and his family. Neil compliments her. Mitali feels Avni should really move out of Khanna mansion. She looks for a new house for Avni.

Kamini starts spoiling KK and Saisha’s relation. She just tolerates Saisha as she is carrying KK’s child. Prakash observes Mogli having allergy with peanuts. He starts suspecting that Mogli is Neil’s son, having same mannerisms and allergies like Neil. Mitali tells Avni that she has found a house for the kids, which is just perfect for them. Avni thanks Mitali for all the help. They wish the best for each other. Prakash gets a shocking news from jail. They learn that Vidyut is dead. Avni gets jitters on hearing Vidyut’s name. Prakash reveals that Vidyut is no more.

Prakash confronts Avni for hiding about Mogli, who is actually Neil and her child. He doesn’t want his heir to leave because of the personal tensions between Neil and Avni. Prakash begs Avni not to make Mogli away from the family. Avni feels tensed as she didn’t reveal this truth to Neil till now. She thinks of Neil’s reaction when he learns about his son.


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