Naamkarann: Vidyut’s blood ties to shatter Saisha


Saisha and KK get married. Kamini throws a party for them. Saisha gets a phone call. Someone informs her about Vidyut and her relation. Saisha learns that Vidyut is her father. She confronts Avni about her parents. She says I wanted to meet my parents once, but you never told me anything. She feels bad that Avni is now ready to tell her about Vidyut when she has moved on. She fears that the truth will ruin her life. Avni is left with no option. She blurts out the truth. She tells Saisha that its a big shock for them, and the time isn’t right, but she doesn’t want to hide anything. Avni tells Saisha the entire truth about her past. She reveals that Saisha/Mishti is Vidyut’s daughter.

Saisha breaks down knowing her parents were criminals. Saisha didn’t imagine this will be the truth. KK consoles Saisha. Avni and KK become Saisha’s strength. Saisha can’t believe that she is a devil’s daughter. She hates herself.

She wishes the truth was always concealed. Kamini overhears their conversation. She applauds Avni for cheating them again. She scolds Avni and Saisha for ruining her family peace. She can’t believe that Saisha is Vidyut’s daughter. She asks Avni why did she lie till now. Avni tells Kamini that she ensured Saisha never learnt the truth before as she wanted to protect Saisha from Vidyut. She tries to clarify Kamini. Kamini ends the discussion.


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