Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai: Naira and Suhana’s open challenge


Naira and Kartik find out Rahul and Suhana’s relation truth. They feel ashamed of Suhana for cheating them about Rahul. They realize Rahul isn’t Suhana’s brother, but her boyfriend. Kartik tells Naira that now that they have seen Suhana’s truth themselves, they can’t let Aryan go ahead with this marriage. They decide to gather proof and expose Suhana. Naira loses cool when she finds Suhana checking Dadi’s safe to steal jewelry. Naira thinks of confronting Suhana and giving her an ultimatum to leave from Aryan’s life. Suhana is also sure that Naira can’t do anything and she will become Goenkas’ bahu soon.

Naksh and Kirti stay tensed about Suhana’s matter. Kirti asks Dadi not to interfere in her matters, as she can handle things well. Kirti thinks they should tell the truth to family. Naksh asks Kirti not to worry, and promises to support Kaira. Kirti gets stressed. Naksh tells her that he won’t let anything wrong happen with Aryan.


Suhana and Rahul reach Dadi’s room and open the locker to rob the jewelry. Naira obstructs Suhana’s plans again. She warns Suhana against stealing the jewelry. Suhana throws a challenge at Naira to do any possible thing to stop her. Naira wants to secure her family. Suhana asks Naira what will she tell the family if she goes to expose her. She is sure that Aryan and Suwarna will support her. Naira also challenges her that she will stop the marriage. Suhana doesn’t get scared. She wants to ruin Naira’s life. Naira tells Kartik that Suhana is very clever. Kartik asks Naira what did she think to do now.

Suhana tells Dadi that she wants a simple marriage, that too soon. She asks Dadi to permit her family to have marriage at an early mahurat. Dadi wants to do the marriage function in a grand style. Naira wants the functions to get delayed. Kartik and Naira ask Suhana to call her relatives in all the functions. Suhana gets trapped. Naira grinds the mehendi. She asks Suhana to enjoy her stay in Goenka house as she is a guest here. Kartik helps Naira in grinding mehendi. They have a romantic moment. They plan to relive memories in Aryan’s mehendi and sangeet. Naira’s stalker clicks her pictures and eyes her. He wants to take Kartik’s place in her life. He reaches Naira’s room and wishes to enter her life soon. He leaves a gift for Naira. Naira likes the gift and thinks its from Kartik. Kartik misses to see the stalker. Suhana waits Rahul and Savita for the mehendi ceremony. Dadi asks Suhana to wear the jewelry before guests arrive. Suhana tries to teach a lesson to Naira, but the latter outdoes her.



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