Ikyawann: Satya decides to punish Leela


Satya can’t believe that Leela is a criminal. Kali tells him that Leela is still trying to knock down Susheel. Satya tells Kali that Leela can’t kill anyone. Jhanno gets her voice back and confirms that Leela has killed Susheel’s mum. Satya decides to get Leela punished. Kali tells him that Jhanno’s statement won’t be valued, Leela has to admit all her crimes herself. She asks him to protect Susheel from Leela’s planning. He agrees to protect Susheel. Susheel celebrates her victory with Sarthi and other women. Kali makes a plan to expose Leela. She asks Satya to stay serious about marrying Soumya and do a drama to fool Leela. Sejal tries to get clues about Soumya’s first husband. Leela meets Jessica and instigates her to kill Susheel in the next round. She takes a disguise to meet Jessica.

Leela does the deal and wants everything to get fine. Soumya apologizes to Sejal and befriends her. Sejal tries hard to expose Soumya in front of Satya. Susheel misses Sarthi. Sarthi tells Susheel that she has to know Jessica’s strengths and make her vulnerable during the fight. She prepares Susheel for the next round. Leela comes home and meets Satya. Kali asks Satya to behave normal.


Satya asks Leela about her next target. He gets angry, but Kali manages the matter. Kali asks Satya not to alert Leela, else it will be hard for them to save Susheel. Leela gets a surprise when Jhanno speaks up. Kali tells Leela that Jhanno’s voice has come back. Leela celebrates and hugs Jhanno. She wants everything to go well. Sarthi asks Susheel to fight with all her enemies without breaking down. Jessica visits Leela. Kali learns about Leela and Jessica’s planning. Leela conspires to hurt Susheel. She gets hurt by Jessica. Jessica doesn’t want to murder Susheel, as she is a sports star. Jessica denies to Leela’s cheap tactics. Satya and Kali join Susheel in her struggles to win.


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