High Five Spoilers

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Kaleerein: Vivaan is unhappy with his marriage. He is finding ways to end the marriage. Roma wanted a modern girl for Vivaan. She asks Vivaan why did he marry a villager. He tells Roma that he was into unavoidable circumstances and he had to marry Meera to protect her dignity. Roma schemes to break Meera and Vivaan’s relation. Roma will bring tensions in Meera’s life.

Dil Se Dil Tak:

Teni makes special prayers as she is stepping in her new life. She doesn’t want her relation with Parth and Shorvori to be known to anyone. She takes blessings from Lord. She hopes her new life gets much happiness for her. It will be revealed that Teni mocked the memory loss to get away from Parth and Shorvori’s lives. Teni hides the surrogacy truth from Iqbal.


Preeto dances in the marriage ceremony. Shorvori, Chakor, Anushka and others arrive to stop Harman’s re-marriage. Soumya is willingly conducting Harman’s marriage for the sake of his happiness. Chakor asks Soumya how can she leave Harman, if she loves him so much. Preeto doesn’t want the marriage to happen. Preeto celebrates with everyone by hiding her sorrow. No one is happy as Soumya’s life is shattering. They all have a motive to change Harman’s mind. They explain Harman that he isn’t doing right. Harman gets in a dilemma. Aditya and Suraj ask Harman to convince Soumya by forgetting all his annoyances. Soumya goes on a different path, as she frees Harman from their love bond. She has given much happiness and wishes to Harman. She wants Harman to start a new life with Jasleen.


Pinky and Shakti try to save Shivay from Roop’s clutches. Shivay surrenders to Roop after knowing Anika is kidnapped by Veer. He asks Roop to stop Veer from harming Anika. Even then, Veer puts Anika in a water tank and leaves her to die. Shivay tries to save Anika. He agrees for re-marriage just for the sake of her life. Pinky tries to confront Roop and change her mind. Roop threatens Pinky. She says I can do anything if I want, entire family can be ruined, but I want you to be alive, so that you can see Shivay and Anika’s destruction. Pinky’s patience breaks. She hits Roop in a fit of rage. Roop falls down and gets injured.

Nimki Mukhiya:

Ram Bachan prepares to welcome Tetar Singh. Nimki and Ram Bachan are helping Tetar win the elections. Nimki wants to win Babbu’s love. She is sure that Babbu will accept her once his tensions get over. Ram Bachan asks Tunee to arrange breakfast for Nimki and Babbu. Ram Bachan treats Babbu well. Babbu gets surprised and feels happy. The villagers ask Babbu to solve their problem. They pay respect to Babbu and praise him that he didn’t take advantage of Nimki’s position. They like that Nimki and Babbu are getting equal status and helping each other. The villagers praise Tetar for valuing his daughter-in-law. Ram Bachan says Babbu doesn’t have any attitude, he is very simple and down to earth. Babbu feels bad to misunderstand the villagers before.

Kundali Bhagya:
Prithvi’s true colours will be out in front of Preeta soon. Preeta stops Prithvi with his ex-girlfriend Taapsee, whom Sherlyn warned to stay away. Sherlyn doesn’t want Preeta or anyone in Prithvi’s life. Karan is trying hard to bring Prithvi closer to his ex, so that he can unmask his truth in front of Preeta to get their marriage cancelled. Prithvi attempts to fool Preeta by his fake story again.

Piyaa Albela:
Bela hypnotizes Naren and controls his mind, after feeding him a drugged betel. She asks Naren to loot Praveen’s parents and then kidnap them. Bela turns evil and uses Naren as her weapon. Naren turns mad and becomes a dacoit to loot Praveen’s parents. He then follows Bela’s instructions and kidnaps them. He puts Praveen’s parents inside the car trunk and wants to punish them, the way Bela wants. Bela has deep enmity with Praveen and his parents. She wants Naren to fulfill her revenge. She conspires to kill Naren after he accomplishes her tasks. Pooja reaches Praveen’s house to save his parents. She catches Naren in the middle of the crime act and receives a big shock. Pooja doesn’t want Naren to commit any crime. She attempts to get Naren back to his senses.

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