Ishqbaaz: A dramatic meet of Obros under Roop’s captivity

Ishqbaaz presents special brotherly bond yet again

Shivay gets conscious and senses Anika in danger. He tries to contact her. He gets to talk to Roop. He asks Roop to make him talk to Anika once. Roop lies to him that Anika is with her. She asks him to think of the evidence folder which is back with her. She compels him to remarry. He puts a condition that he needs to talk to Anika first. Roop instructs Veer to get Anika to her. Veer tells Roop that he will get Anika, but in a dead state. He tells her that he also wants revenge like her. Roop asks him not to be foolish and get Anika. She asks Veer not to ruin her revenge plans. He gets angry on Anika’s humiliation. She tells him that Shivay will get mad if he learns Anika is dead. Veer doesn’t get scared of Shivay. Roop asks him to think of using Anika as a pawn to tackle Oberois. Veer doesn’t want to agree to her.

Roop emotionally blackmails Veer and asks him to drop Anika home. She wants to take revenge her way. She tells Veer that she will brainwash Anika and settle his scores. Veer unwillingly agrees to give up his personal revenge. He drops Anika home.


Shivay goes ahead to meet Roop. Veer leaves from Oberoi mansion and hides from everyone once again. He lets Roop control everything. Anika gains consciousness. She gets surprised finding herself back at home. She answers Shivay’s call. She doesn’t tell him anything and talks normally. Shivay senses she is hiding something. She then breaks down and tells him about Veer’s evil deeds. Shivay promises her that he will not spare Veer. She shows her belief in him. She asks him to come back home. He asks her to be assured that he will make everything fine. He asks Anika to just trust him as always. He wants Anika to wait for him and promise of not believing anyone. Anika promises him that she won’t believe anyone else than him. They have a sweet love confession amidst their emotional talk.

Roop asks Shivay to just fulfill his promise. Roop welcomes the groom home. Shivay reaches her place like a storm, who is uncontrollable. He threatens Roop that he will kill Roop and Veer, by forgetting their relations. Roop takes his anger light. She asks him to prepare for the marriage. Roop does the pre-wedding rituals and asks Shivay to break as many things as he wants to vent out anger. She aims to break his pride and his marital relation with Anika. She tells him that she has found a bride for him. Shivay finds Shakti and Pinky captive by Roop. He asks them to trust him. Omkara and Rudra feel helpless seeing the torturing sight. They want to meet Shivay and make an escape plan. Shivay wants to do something to ensure his family’s safety. He calls up his brothers to seek help. Roop asks Shivay to get ready for his marriage. She gets a sherwani for him. Shivay meets his brothers in a dramatic situation. Omkara and Rudra get close to be caught up by Roop’s goons. Shivay wants to prove Anika’s dad innocent in the mills incident.


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