Piyaa Albela: Pooja to rescue Naren from Bela’s clutches

Pooja tries to find Naren

Naren kidnaps Bela’s inlaws on her order. Pooja sees Naren and follows him. Naren escapes with Bela’s in laws. His car stops on the way. Bela kills her in-laws and rams car on them. Later, she tries to stab Naren’s heart. Pooja decides to protect her husband and fights with Bela. Harish realizes Naren’s changed behavior is because of Praveen’s heart and gets worried. Guru ji tells Dada ji that Naren’s life is in danger and he is more likely to get caught by Police.

Later on, Arjun meets Naren in the temple. Bela adds poison in the laddoos to kill Naren. Jia stops Naren from consuming the laddoo and saves his life. Arjun gifts sindoor box to Naren, by which Naren fills sindoor in Pooja’s hairline. Pooja stays unhappy. Pooja thanks Arjun and Jia to saving everyone. Naren plans more surprises for Pooja to win her heart. He makes her wear a beautiful ring. They have a romantic moment.


The entire family supports Naren in his attempts to make Pooja smile. Naren confesses love to Pooja. Pooja has spotted Naren and Bela together. She feels Naren doesn’t love her now. She doesn’t get convinced by his love confession. She fails to believe his explanations. She decides she won’t return in Naren’s life. There will be a Mahasangam episode of Woh Apna Sa, Piyaa Albela and Kaleerein. Pooja, Jia and Meera will be taking Tridevi avatar to save Naren from Bela. Pooja swears to save Naren’s life. She wants to end Bela’s evil. Bela kidnaps Naren with a motive to kill him. Bela turns more evil. She tortures Naren. Pooja arrives there and wants to end Bela’s madness. She finds Naren injured. She worries for Naren. Naren believes in woman’s Durga avatar. He knows Pooja will defeat Bela.


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