Kaal Bhairav Rahasya: Rahul to witness the Shivlings’ holy purification


Rahul tells Gauri that they have to leave for Kashi to stop Indra from getting the Shivlings. He asks Swami ji and Gauri to accompany him. Shakti finds the Shivlings with Namrata. She thinks Namrata has the Shivlings, which the entire village is finding. She hides Namrata from Thakur and Lakhan. Thakur meets Shakti and confronts her for backstabbing him. Shakti and Thakur’s enmity goes on. Shakti tells him that she wants to kill him and fulfill the revenge. She doesn’t acknowledge his goodness. Thakur holds his anger and tells her that he has a big duty to take the Shivlings back to his village, else he would have sorted their problems long ago. Shakti wants him to work hard and find Shivlings.

She doesn’t tell him anything and conspires to take the Shivlings home. She wants everyone to just honor her. Swami blesses Rahul and Gauri and asks them to place the Shivlings in the temple within the time left, else the village would have to face the wrath of Lord Kaal Bhairav. Namrata leaves with the Shivlings and reaches Kashi.

Rahul meets Thakur and tells him about Indra’s planning. Shakti plans to kill Thakur again. Police keeps an eye on catch Indra. Rahul seeks help of the police to know about Indra’s next move. They find Namrata on the Kashi ghats. Gauri tells them that maybe Namrata is carrying the Shivlings in the bag. Namrata gets chased by them. Namrata looks for Rahul there. She meets Shambu Baba. Namrata asks him to make her meet Rahul. Shambu shows her Rahul in the middle of the river.


Namrata takes the Shivlings to the river for the purification unknowingly. Namrata tries to meet Rahul. Rahul reaches her and finds her entering the river. Rahul rescues Namrata’s life. Gauri and Thakur save the Shivlings from the river. Shivlings get purified and get back to their clean powerful form. Thakur and everyone worship the Shivlings. Indra reaches there to get Shivlings. He assaults Rahul to get the Shivlings with him. Indra manages to snatch the holy Shivlings to proclaim himself as the Lord. Will Indra succeed to complete the puja and prove himself as the Lord? Keep reading.


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