Rishta Likhenge Hum Naya: Diya makes a plan to expose the imposter


Ratan dreams of Diya. He gets into an emotional moment with Diya. They have a heart to heart talk. Diya has no idea that Ratan is also falling for her. Ratan wakes up and finds Diya beside her. He hugs her and gets happy that she is with him. He fears to lose Diya. Diya asks him why is he so tensed. She gives him water and tries to calm him. Later, Ratan and fake Ratan get into an argument. Diya asks them to stop fighting, as their identities aren’t proved till now. Ratan asks Diya to believe him, he is the real Ratan. He asks her if she is suspecting him. She is tensed by the claims of fake Ratan.

She can’t deny anything. Diya has a plan to find the truth of fake Ratan. She winks to Ratan when he gets panicking seeing her behavior. She tries to tell him that she will prove Yash and Kakisa’s doubts false by proving his innocence. She doesn’t want to test Ratan. Ratan wants Diya to believe her heart. Diya knows her Ratan is really the heir of Kesar Mahal. She makes a plan to expose fake Ratan.


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