Shakti: Sameer to support Soumya in her struggles

Soumya gets ousted by Nani

Harman is shattered and feels like he lost his life. He searches for Soumya and takes Police help. He realizes that she must have got down at the last stop of the bus and asks Inspector to paste posters of her so that people identify her and inform him. Jasleen helps Harman in his endeavor to search Soumya and wishes to unite true lovers. Harak Singh goes in depression and realizes he has lost Harman to Soumya. Preeto hopes Harak Singh accept Soumya soon to make the things better for everyone. Soumya had a tough time on the road, she gets hungry and tries to get job, but nobody gives her job.

She comes to a toy shop with the hope to get a job. The owner of the house Sameer comes there and thinks of her as a thief, but Soumya tells him that she needs a job as she is hungry. He realizes that she is a devastated woman and he shall help her.

Sameer gets friendly with Soumya. He offers her a work in his small shop. He helps Soumya and wants her life to get easy. He shakes hands with her, which she doesn’t like. She stays away from him. Sameer tells her that she has to work hard. She doesn’t accept his friendship. He says we are friends from now. She asks him about the nearby temple. He guides her the directions. Soumya believes Sameer to be a nice guy. Sameer offers her a lift. She agrees to go with him on his bike. Sameer drops her to the temple. Sameer knows she is married, and doesn’t think of anything. He is just helping her as she is also a poor person like him. He just wants to have friendship with her. He tries to get her happy by cracking jokes. He talks a lot and asks Soumya to talk sometimes. Harman and Soumya have a hit and miss when she visits the temple. Sameer wants to lessen Soumya’s problems.


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