Ikyawann: Susheel joins hands with Sarthi against Leela’s evil


Leela wonders why is Satya angry on her. Kali manages the matter. She tells Leela that Satya isn’t a kid now to not understand her evil. She reminds Leela her crimes. Satya finds hard to control his anger. He thinks of Susheel and cries. He gets upset that Susheel left him. Sejal tells him that they will get Soumya punished. She asks him to think of Susheel and try to have hopes. Leela planted the letter by Soumya’s name to end everyone’s doubt on her. She is sure that everyone will forget Susheel soon. She gets back the same letter and gets scared by the doubt that Susheel has come back. Leela happens to witness Susheel’s presence. She reacts angrily. She happens to see Sarthi/Fighter Didi and scolds her for scaring her by Susheel’s voice. The family reaches Leela, but misses to sense her crime.

Sarthi gets sure that Leela is involved. She also spots Susheel’s shadow. She follows the shadow and learns Susheel is alive. She understands getting the hints. Satya gets depressed. Kali tells him that Susheel maybe alive. Sarthi gets a call from Susheel and gets happy. Susheel calls her for a meet. Sarthi meets Susheel and expresses her happiness on seeing her fine. Susheel tells her about Leela’s attack on her. She reveals Leela’s crimes and wants to expose Leela. She makes a plan to make Leela admit all her crimes.

Sarthi assures to help her out. Sarthi realizes how cleverly Leela has got saved from all the blames. She gears up to teach a lesson to Leela. Leela gets scared when Sarthi tries to suffocate her. Sarthi confronts her for killing Susheel. Leela tells Sarthi that Soumya has done everything. She asks Sarthi not to get after her again. Sarthi produces solid evidence against Leela. She threatens to get Leela punished. Leela gets stunned on finding Susheel’s note against her. Sarthi asks Leela not to play any tricks now. Leela wants to prove that Susheel is alive.

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