Shakti: Soumya to turn into Sameer’s lucky charm

Soumya gets ousted by Nani

Soumya becomes a magical fairy for Sameer. She comes with up a unique idea to draw the crowd at his shop. Sameer believes in Soumya’s planning. He gets a dhol for her. Soumya plays dhol. Sameer attracts the kids. She talks to the kids and gets appealing to the customers, who buy many toys from Sameer’s shop. Sameer plays with the kids and dances with them. He gets a line of customers because of Soumya. Soumya gave him this idea to sing and dance, so that customers can notice him and his shop. Sameer makes much profits. He gets happy when his business makes a good start.

He tells everyone that we met for the first time when we live in same locality, we will keep meeting and have a fun time. He also announces a free gift. People praise Soumya and Sameer for thinking for others’ happiness. Soumya tells them that they are doing this to make their shop famous and earn good in business.

She is happy that kids will get entertained by their attempt. She helps Sameer in his business. She wants to spend time with kids by her move. Sameer likes her smartness. Sameer’s mum gets happy with the news. She tells him that Soumya is lucky for him. She asks him to stay in good company. Sameer dreams about his marriage with his lover. His mum gets happy seeing him happy with Soumya. She wishes Sameer likes Soumya. Sameer doesn’t have any feelings for Soumya. He just wants to support her. Harman meets a Baba and gets blessings to find Soumya. Baba tells him that he will surely meet his love. Harman has much sorrow and regret in heart. Soumya turns into Sameer’s lucky charm. Sameer and his mum develop a liking for her good idea. Soumya misses Harman and family.


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