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Nimki Mukhiya:
Nimki goes missing. Tetar is worried, but Babbu and Anaro are very much happy. Anaro doesn’t want Nimki to stay with them. Tetar asks Babbu to realize the problems that can come in their way. He is scared that police can come home to investigate about Nimki’s disappearance. He asks Anaro not to anger him. He tells them that villagers value Nimki as Mukhiya. He says Nimki is the respect of our haveli, she holds much value. Rituraj tells him that he will find Nimki. He asks Babbu to come with him.

Babbu refuses to find Nimki. Tetar scolds Babbu. He asks Babbu to get his Mukhiya Bahu back. Babbu says finally Nimki is gone from my life, I want to celebrate. He laughs around. Babbu hugs Anaro and congratulates her. Tetar calls him mad to get blind by his mother’s influence.

Meera celebrates Vivaan’s birthday. Meera and Vivaan dance on the dhol beats. Vivaan romances Meera. They have a moment. Roma gets jealous seeing them. Meera’s family gets happy. Dolly thinks of how Roma was instigating Vivaan against Meera. She gets happy seeing love between Meera and Vivaan. Roma imagines an argument with Meera. She admits that she has killed Pammi Kapoor. Meera gets angry on Roma and gives her a tight slap. Roma reminds Meera her place. Roma then finds Vivaan supporting Meera and happily cutting the cake. Vivaan tries to make Meera’s family happy. It gets surprising for Meera when Vivaan apologizes to her parents. Meera gives him the proof and tells him that his mother is really alive. Roma is afraid that her truth will be out.


Saam Daam Dand Bhed:

Bulbul tries to avoid Vijay. He looks for her to give her a surprise. Mandira meets him. He asks her about Bulbul. She says I didn’t send Bulbul anywhere, she would be around. She tells him that she isn’t playing any game to get him back. She tries to impress him by her charm. She makes tea for him, when she has a hand injury. He thanks her. She tells him that she was also looking for Bulbul. She asks Vijay to make Bulbul a girl of today’s times, don’t bound her at home. He asks her not to change Bulbul, as they are really happy the way they are.

Savitri Devi College and Hospital:
Veer gets targeted by someone’s plotting. Jaya angrily slaps Veer. Jaya and Kabir question Veer. Veer is blamed for the kidney theft. She scolds him. She says you proved to be Anand’s son, you are more cheaper than him. He asks the matter, what’s his crime. Kabir scolds him for ruining an innocent life. He shows the medical reports of Veer’s patient and asks him about removing kidney during the surgery. Veer denies the blame. He tells Jaya that he can never break elders’ dreams. He asks Jaya to look at him and ask his heart if he can do such a cheap thing. He tells her that he was doing the surgery of a poor patient for free. Veer acted generous, but he got framed.

Jai Kanhaiya Lal Ki:

Basanti, Maya and Rocky meet Janki in Kanhaiya’s house to prove to them that Kanhaiya and Daali are cheating them. Basanti tells Janki that Kanhaiya and Daali are just pretending to be a happily married couple. She says their marriage is just a pretence, they are doing this to get the property. Janki refuses to believe him. Maya tries to poison Janki’s mind against Kanhaiya. Daali attempts to fail their planning. Kanhaiya warns Maya to stay away from his family. He tells Maya that he also knows about her past, like she has learnt about his past. He scolds Maya for burning his mother’s letter. He tells Maya that he isn’t scared of her threatening. He is sure that Janki and Daali will believe him when he proves his innocent. Rocky learns Kanhaiya’s true identity and receives a big shock.

Ishq Mein Marjawa:

Deep and Aarohi plan a trip to London. They want to end the game their ways. They both makes their own plans to defeat each other. Aarohi is sure that the trip is memorable for Deep. Deep wants to make it an unforgettable thing for Aarohi. He wants revenge from Aarohi. Aarohi’s big test will begin.

Ishq SubhanAllah:

Zara asks Kabeer for her rights. They have an argument. He tells her that she has always created issues. He gets angry on her. He fails to misunderstand her. She tells him that women also have rights to live their life. She says its my duty to pass their knowledge to others. Kabeer is orthodox. He says right thinking is necessary to form a community, if the perception gets wrong, the community will get directed towards the wrong. They have a clash of ideologies again. He clearly tells her not to do anything, which can create problems for him. She doesn’t understand. They don’t talk to each other well.

Zoya wants to live for her dreams. She wants to make the company a best event management company. She tells the employees that she will be with them. She doesn’t want to think about Yash. She accepts the cheat from Yash. She gets a news about the company’s big debt. The company gets sealed by the bank officials. Aditya comes ahead to stand with Zoya in her fight. He tells Zoya that he will help her.


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