Shakti: Soumya to make a new start with Sameer

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Harak Singh conspired attack on him with Kishan Lal’s help to garner sympathy from Harman and Preeto, so that they get diverted from searching Soumya and concentrate on his safety from Kishan Lal. Harman and Preeto don’t know about Harak Singh mastermind attack on himself and show genuine concern for him. Harak Singh meets Kishan LaL and asks him to search Soumya along with Kareena and kill her there itself. He plans Soumya’s death and spread fake rumours so that Harman stops searching her and marries Jasleen.

Harman gets drunk. He cries for Soumya. Preeto and Jasleen try to explain him that Soumya will always be in heart. He is in big shock. He can’t accept that Soumya is not in his life now. He falls numb when he realizes Soumya won’t come back to him. Jasleen gets worried for his traumatic state. Preeto asks Jasleen to be with Harman and get him out of this bad phase.

Soumya finds a way to double Sameer’s profits. Soumya is keeping friendship with him. She got a new reason to live. She wants to help Sameer and his mum. She makes some toys and also toys’ clothes, which are more attractive. She works hard without seeing the clock. Sameer finds her talented. Sameer’s mum helps Soumya with the sewing machine. Sameer didn’t see any such determined girl before. He gets impressed by her. Sameer’s mum tells him that its a result of their prayers that Lord has sent Soumya in their lives. He also believes so, seeing Soumya’s concern for them. She tells him that good fate can knock their door once and its good if they accept the fate. She asks him to marry Soumya. Sameer doesn’t think anything such, as Soumya is already married. He plans to buy a gift for Soumya. He gifts Soumya a mobile. Soumya misses Harman on seeing the mobile phone. She just remembers him all the time. Sameer knows her love for Harman.

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