TGI Friday’s Spoilers

TGI Friday 7 Upcoming Telly Hits 28th June 2019

Jiji Maa:
Suyash and Vidhaan celebrate Uttara’s presence in their lives in a grand style. She gets much happy when they surprise her on Mothers day. They show a big painting of Uttara. She likes Suyash’s gesture. She thanks Suyash for thinking so much for her. Vidhaan tells everyone that these decorations and all are done by Niyati. Jayant praises Niyati’s creativity and talents. He tells them about Niyati’s cool tips videos. Uttara tells them that she is happy the way Niyati is moving on in life, so she has permitted Niyati to make video, unlike Falguni, who never wanted Niyati to get successful. She tells Vidhaan that Niyati is free to do anything.

Kullfi Kumarr Bajewala:

Lovely will be plotting against Kulfi. Lovely wants to frame Kulfi so that Sikandar doesn’t know about her. Lovely plans to snatch Kulfi’s singing talents and voice to give the credit to Amyra. Lovely tells Amyra that they will record the song sung by Kulfi and then release it by her name. She teaches Amyra to lie to Sikandar. She asks her to keep it a secret from everyone. Lovely turns sweet to Sikandar and diverts his attention by asking him for a dinner date. Sikandar gets happy that Lovely is giving another chance to their relationship.


Dil Se Dil Tak:

Parth gets Teni to Bhanushali house. Parth has told her about the past. He stops her from marrying Iqbal. He asks her to visit their house once before the marriage. Teni gets confused when he constantly pushes her. Teni agrees to meet Bhanushalis. Teni doesn’t remember anything about her past. She gets to meet Ipshita after many years. She bumps into Ipshita at the door. They have an argument. Teni finds Ipshita talking like her and wonders what’s their relation. They both don’t know their blood relation.


Mogli becomes a medium to unite Neil and Avni. After much fights and legal battles, Neil and Avni’s love reaches the destination. Neil meets Avni to apologize to her and get her back in his life. Neil tells her that he was wrong to hold on to his annoyance. He was taking a wrong step of marrying Mitali. He tells her that he did injustice with her by judging her wrong and punishing her with his anger dose. He didn’t wish to hurt her heart ever, it was just his aching heart which couldn’t see her pain. Nevertheless, Neil decides to rectify his mistake.


Karan meets with an accident. Karan dies unexpectedly. Chakor and Suraj return to Aazaadgunj. They have learnt about Karan’s criminal records in Kashmir. They wanted to confront Karan for his crimes. They get a huge shock when they find Karan dead. The villagers tell Suraj about Karan’s deadly accident. Chakor learns that Karan has already taken the villagers’ land for development project. The villagers lost their land and also hopes. They question about the village development left due. Suraj tells Chakor that they had to know Karan’s real motives, with Karan’s death, all their questions are left unanswered.


Anika gets much hurt when Shivay gets angered on her. He has lost the big business deal because of Anika. He vents out anger on Anika for her stupidity. Anika sheds tears and recollect his words. She tells Gauri that they are really cheap minded, while Obros are high five, who got raised in a big family. She tells her that they have much difference in status, skills and background. She tells Gauri that she doesn’t have English skills. Gauri consoles her. She tells Anika that Shivay loves Anika a lot, and nothing matters in true love. She asks Anika not to care for whatever happened. She gives example of Omkara and her own love story, which has evolved over all their differences with time.

Piyaa Albela:

Kunal questions Dada ji why they are worried for Meghna, what happened to her. Dada ji tells them that she was raped in her Maayka. Kunal is shattered. Mrs and Mr. Goenka relieve thinking marriage will not happen now.

Inspector Shivani arrives for the investigations. Harish asks who called her here. Inspector Shivani tells that someone from his family called her. Pooja tells them that she called Shivani to nab the culprit and get justice for Meghna. Harish gets upset thinking family reputation will be ruined because of Meghna and asks Pooja not to involve Police. But, Pooja tells him that the crime is severe and the guilty can’t be let free, culprit shall be caught and punished. She recalls seeing the black sherwani of the rapist and doubts her family men. She determines to get the guilty punished forgetting the relation the culprit had with them. She decides to fight for Meghna’s rights.

Laado 2:

Shaurya confronts Anushka and asks her to tell who is she? Anushka tells him about her identity and tells him that she is a lawyer by profession. She tells him about Shagun and Amrish’s plan, but he doesn’t believe her. Kuldeep comes there and confirms to Shaurya that Anushka is saying right and she was trapped by Shagun and Amrish. He tells Anushka that he didn’t tell her about their plan fearing for his life else they would have killed him. He tells them that Shagun and Amrish tried to kill them in the planned accident. Anushka and Shaurya get a shock.

Kumkum Bhagya:

Abhi and King come to the press conference which is kept to promote the singers participating in the prestigious concert. King comes with his relative Tarun. Aaliya hires Abhi’s fans to cheer for Abhi, and demand to the organizers to make him lead singer. She also wants to keep his picture on the cover page. Purab tells Aaliya that Abhi asked her not to do any unfair thing. Aaliya tells him that she knows what is best for Abhi. Tarun hears Aaliya bribing the fans and informs King that his competitor’s manager has planned to garner’s organizers attention with bought publicity.


Soumya faces another problem. Harak learns Soumya is alive. He sends his aide Kishanlal to find Soumya. Kishanlal visits Sameer’s house. He spots Soumya there. She sees him and realizes he is sent by Harak. She dons a ghunghat and hides her identity. Kishanlal doubts on her and says you are Soumya right, show me your face. Sameer reaches there. He lies that she isn’t Soumya, but his wife. He gets a little kid and says this is my son, my wife just time passes at the shop, she doesn’t look after my kid, she doesn’t feed him love on time, she should love the kid. He makes a story to send off Kishanlal.


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