Udaan (PicFiction): Vivaan’s re-entry to revive the bygone love triangle


Chakor was getting panicking after sighting Imli in the haveli. Suraj explains her that Imli is dead and nothing can happen to Saanvi. She tells him that Imli can harm Saanvi. He gets angry on her fears rising up. Chakor is much worried when she senses Imli around her again. She goes for the jog. Suraj reaches her and explains her that Imli isn’t alive. He asks her not to worry by the illusions. She tells him that she has seen Imli. He tries to relieve her tensions. Suraj flirts with her to calm her fears. Chakor feels insecure. Suraj decides to apologize to her. He plans a romantic evening with her. Suraj and Chakor don’t know that Imli is close to them in maid’s disguise. Suraj cheers Chakor by giving her a romantic surprise.

He plays their life moments on the big screen to relieve her fears. They sit watching their life’s precious moments captured by Suraj. He tells her that life will always be fair with them, they have suffered a lot and now nothing can come in between their happiness. Chakor hugs Suraj and likes his lovely surprise. She thanks Suraj for being the best husband. She tells him that he is her strength.

Vivaan escapes from the clutches of the bad goons. He reaches Aazaadgunj, the place where he belongs. He vows to ruin down Imli. Vivaan makes an entry in the haveli, which brings a storm in Suraj and Chakor’s lives. They get a huge shock seeing Vivaan back. Chakor can’t believe it and goes to hold Vivaan and confirm. Suraj happily hugs Vivaan and welcomes him back. They get much happiness knowing Vivaan is alive. They have considered Vivaan dead. Vivaan has come back after many years. He was living a negligible life. Vivaan wants to settle scores with Imli. Vivaan starts acting weird. His mad behavior ruins Suraj and Chakor’s happiness. Suraj pities Vivaan, knowing Imli is the one responsible for ruining Vivaan’s life. Chakor cares for Vivaan, taking his return as Lord’s blessing. Suraj asks Chakor to ensure Vivaan’s recovery.

Vivaan’s entry also shocks Imli, who was preparing to make Saanvi a bandhua. Imli kidnaps Saanvi once again. She tells Saanvi that she will cut her wings very soon and change herself into a slave. She expresses her hatred for Chakor. She then hears Vivaan’s voice in the haveli. Vivaan shouts out to Imli, unaware that she is assumed dead for the world. Imli loses her senses on hearing his voice. She asks Archana to look after Saanvi till she returns. She gets a huge shock on seeing Vivaan alive. Vivaan becomes a big hurdle for Imli. She gets terrified. She fails to make Saanvi her bandhua again. Imli has to deal with Vivaan first. Vivaan has returned in her life as her big fear.

Chakor gets Imli’s picture with Saanvi. She gets much scared. She asks Archana about Imli’s picture. Suraj asks Chakor to stop it, Imli is dead and living in hell. He shouts on Chakor. He asks Chakor not to make their lives hell by repeatedly taking Imli’s name. He doesn’t believe Chakor. He hasn’t seen Imli till now. He believes Imli is dead. He feels Chakor is ruining their happiness by her constant fears. He asks Chakor to take some rest and keep mind cool. Imli’s motives will fail by Vivaan’s return. She plans to get rid of Vivaan. Vivaan will be bringing huge twists in SuKor’s life. He will be adding up another love triangle, falling for Chakor again. How will Suraj welcome the new changes in their lives? Keep reading.

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