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Harman gets upset seeing Soumya and Sameer coming close. Harman wants to meet Sameer and clear to him about Soumya and his relation. Sameer’s mum wants Sameer to marry Soumya. She asks Sameer to express feelings to Soumya. He doesn’t want to spoil the relation. She insists him not to delay. Sameer too starts feeling for Soumya. Sameer and his mum like Soumya a lot, as Soumya is handling everything for them. Soumya has proved out to be a lucky charm for them.

Meera gets addicted to social media. She gets Vivaan’s laptop. She praises her new friends. Vivaan hears her praising the guys and turns jealous. He can’t believe it when she leaves dinner and gets busy in social networks. She turns him more jealous by telling the number of friend requests she got. Meera is hiding her real intention, that’s to find Pammi.

Woh Apna Sa:
Jia and Arjun take revenge from Rano. They threaten Rano. They ask her the reason for blackmailing Ambika. Rano refuses to tell them anything, even if she gets killed by them. She asks Arjun to leave him. She tells him that she has nothing to blackmail Ambika. Arjun, Jia and Akash want to teach her a lesson of lifetime and punish him. Akash thinks Rano will break down when they scare her more. Rano stays strong even when Arjun lights the fire near her. Ambika reaches there and frees Rano from them. Ambika asks Arjun not to put Rano’s life in danger. Ambika takes Rano with them. She slaps Akash for plotting such a thing. Rano gets angry on Arjun and Jia, and hurts them. She creates troubles for them. Rano is playing with Ambika’s emotions by using a big secret.

Piyaa Albela:

Shivani interrogates Naren by making him away from his family members. Pooja asks Meghna to save Naren. Everyone wants to get justice for Meghna. Shivani beats Naren in front of the family. She asks Pooja to stay away from Naren, else they can communicate via eye gestures. She doesn’t want Naren to get any help from Pooja. Pooja asks Naren to swear on her and tell them that he is innocent. She asks Naren why is he silent, when he is accused for such a big crime. Naren doesn’t want to say anything as he is helpless. He asks Pooja to understand his silence. Pooja tells him that some times words are necessary to keep their opinion.


Zoya and Aditya’s mangalsutra drama will be seen. Aditya is acting as if he has married Zoya. Zoya is asked to wear the mangalsutra. She turns helpless to wear it. She appears happy in front of Aditya’s clients. Aditya manages the clients. The client gets convinced that Aditya and Zoya are married. After the guests leave, Zoya turns angry on Aditya. They are playing the marriage drama to get the contract. They want the project so that they can save the company from losses. Zoya finds hard to do this tough drama. She hides the fake mangalsutra from Yash’s mum. Zoya would be coming close to Aditya while playing the marriage drama.

Kullfi Kumarr Bajewala:

Sikandar gets upset knowing Lovely has locked up Kulfi inside a room, when Amyra was introduced to the music director. Kulfi gets scared inside the room. She cries and misses Nimrat. Lovely doesn’t think for her emotions. Sikandar meets Kulfi. Sikandar frees her from the room. She hugs him. He consoles her. Lovely’s mum slips on the watery floor and falls down, because of Kulfi. She complains about Kulfi to Lovely. Sikandar helps out his mum-in-law. Sikandar dons a joker’s disguise to cheer up Kulfi.

Rishta Likhenge Hum Naya:
The family respects Ratan and Diya even more, after the couple succeeded to save the pride. The family does their Grahpravesh again. Diya stays worried. Ratan thanks the Lord and worships to thank for everyone’s safety. Sakshi faces a traumatic time when she sees sindoor. She shouts that its blood. She reacts badly. Diya wants the family to be happy like before. Diya has to get the family out of all the fears and turn them happy like before.

Nimki Mukhiya:

Nimki is changing the village by her new mindset. She brings a social cause in light. She wants the village to stay clean and hygienic. She wants public toilets to be made. She also arranges the toilet seats for free for installation at homes, so that the village stays healthy. Nimki gets support from Tetar Singh. He likes her ideas so that the villagers support him. Nimki tells the women about the western toilets usage. Nimki explains them about it. She asks them to use it only after fitting. She asks Tunne to explain everyone. She has taken a new step to develop the village. The villagers get much pleased by her.


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