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Rishta Likhenge Hum Naya: Mohena and Diya give the good news of their pregnancy to the family. Kesar Mahal gets double celebrations. Kakisa gets very happy knowing Diya’s good news. Diya tells Kakisa that she has found a way to break the good news to Ratan. She says I will make Ratan play with the kids and then tell him about my pregnancy. Ratan gets worried while managing the kids. He feels he is still young and doesn’t need any such big responsibility.

Diya tells Ratan that they have to manage the kids, as Kakisa invited them. Ratan tells Diya that he doesn’t like kids at all. Diya finds Ratan getting angry because of the kids. Ratan tells her that he can’t stand naughty kids.


Sameer isn’t marrying Soumya to keep her wish. He is just her friend. He wants to do something to separate Harman and Soumya forever. He doesn’t want Soumya to get away. He meets Harman and Jasleen, when they show Soumya’s picture and ask him about her. Sameer distracts them by giving them wrong information. He misleads Harman and plays his trick by becoming his friend. He asks Harman to leave from Ludhiana. He makes a mistake and leaves his phone there. Harman answers Soumya’s call on Sameer’s phone. He doesn’t hear Soumya’s voice.

Kulffi Kumarr Bajewala:

Kulfi falls ill because of Amyra’s plans. Lovely gets worried when she finds Kulfi’s voice spoiled. Lovely doesn’t know how will Kulfi sing. She tries to get some help to get Kulfi treated. She hopes Kulfi’s voice gets fine, so that she can get Amyra’s new song recorded by some way. She wants the things to work as per her plans. She hopes Kulfi sings the song.

Dil Se Dil Tak:
Teni has got her memory back. She has regained all her memories. Even then, she decided to marry Iqbal. Parth meets her and reminds her their past once again. He asks her not to marry Iqbal. They have an emotional moment.

Teni tells him that its too late now, as she has promised marriage to Iqbal. Parth then gives her a gift. He makes her wear the Maang tika. They have a lovely moment. Parth feels she still loves him. Iqbal comes to them. Parth makes a leave to let them talk. Iqbal asks Teni if she is sure of the decision.

Teni feels indebted to Iqbal, as he has supported her a lot. She tells him that she will handle her past, if he is okay with it, she wants to marry him. Iqbal cheers her up. He understands her dilemma. He takes her to the mandap. He changes his mind and learns her sacrifice. He gets Parth to the mandap. He wants Parth and Teni to get married. Teni doesn’t guess Iqbal’s move. Parth too gets surprised by Iqbal’s move. Iqbal understands love and tells them that he can’t do wrong by coming between them. Iqbal sacrifices his love for Teni.

Saam Daam Dand Bhed:

Vijay kidnaps Raghav and compels him to expose Pankaj’s truth. He threatens Raghav with the dire consequences. He asks Raghav to admit the truth and get free from the punishment. Vijay is playing fair and unfair games to get justice for his brother. Vijay doesn’t hesitate to kidnap Raghav, as Raghav has seen his game to trap Pankaj. Vijay doesn’t want Raghav to reveal the planning to Pankaj. Raghav tries to call Pankaj. Vijay throws his phone away. Vijay doesn’t let Raghav inform Pankaj. He has promised himself that he won’t commit any crime. He doesn’t hurt Pankaj or Raghav.

He doesn’t take law in his hands. He wants the law to punish Pankaj for the crimes. Mandira confesses love to Vijay. She tells him that she wants to marry him. Bulbul finds them closer and feels bad.

Jiji Maa:
Balwant attacks Lazer on Uttara’s command to kill her. Balwant throws down Lazer from the bridge. He feels she is dead now. He gets assured that he has killed Lazer. She learns the big truth that he is Shambu, whom she was finding in Ambua till now. She knows Shambu can help her in exposing Uttara. She didn’t imagine Balwant is Shambu. She thinks Balwant will never go against Uttara. She wishes someone helps her and saves her life, so that she can reach Suyash and tell him the truth. Her blessings get answered. Suyash finds Lazer in trouble. Lazer falls down the bridge and shouts for help. Suyash reaches her in time. He rescues her by risking his life. He shows his humanity again. She gets grateful to him. She decides to tell him Uttara’s crime to frame Gayatri in the murder case.


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