TGI Friday’s Spoilers

TGI Friday 7 Upcoming Telly Hits 28th June 2019

Harman and Soumya have a union. Its their dream that they have crossed all hurdles and united. Harman wishes his dream turns true. Sameer misleads Harman. He doesn’t want Harman and Soumya to meet. Sameer turns the new hurdle in Soumya and Harman’s life. Sameer gets selfish as he started loving Soumya. He wants Soumya in his life, even if he has to stay just a friend for her.

Saam Daam Dand Bhed:
Pankaj’s truth has come out. The family celebrates together. Mandira wants attention of everyone. She sits sad away and doesn’t join the party. Dadi asks her to come to them. Mandira tells them that she is just a guest, she isn’t family. She gets their attention. She wants to see if Vijay has sympathy for her, if he realizes that she has helped her. She wants to have a place in his heart. Vijay apologizes to her and feels he has ruined her life. She wants to create love in Vijay’s heart again. Dadi blesses everyone. Mandira wins the challenge given by Dadi. Vijay asks Dadi to give another chance to Bulbul. Dadi agrees to Vijay, but she has a liking for Mandira. Bulbul feels cornered.



Suraj gets doubtful of Archana. He learns the truth that Archana is someone who is helping the evil person. Chakor thanks Suraj for understanding him. She gets new hopes. Suraj then acts indifferent. He plays with Saanvi and falls asleep. Chakor tells Vivaan about Imli. Suraj stops Vivaan from playing with Saanvi. He asks Chakor not to dare touch Saanvi again. He has seen Vivaan’s villainous side. He asks Vivaan to stay away from them. Suraj upsets Vivaan. Suraj feels Vivaan is mentally unstable, as he has attacked them. Chakor feels Vivaan needs love, he will be happy being with Saanvi. Suraj wants Saanvi’s safety. Suraj scolds Chakor for believing Vivaan so much. He gets jealous seeing their bonding. There is again a clash between Suraj and Chakor.

Meri Hanikarak Biwi:
Chutki sends a parcel for Ira. Ira doesn’t think about the sender. She receives a perfume bottle. She thinks Akhilesh has arranged the surprise for her. Chutki then calls up Akhilesh and tells him that she will not take his rejection easily. She threatens to reveal his fake marriage truth to Pushpa. She also wants to tell Pushpa that Ira is the doctor who has ruined Akhilesh’s life. He asks Chutki to go ahead and do anything, but he can’t leave Ira. He doesn’t want to marry Chutki unwillingly. Chutki stoops a level low and tells him that she has swapped the perfume bottle with a chemical one, by which Ira’s face will lose its features. Akhilesh gets worried for Ira and runs to stop her from using the perfume. He manages to save Ira. Chutki builds up pressure on Akhilesh.

Dil Se Dil Tak:
Teni’s dilemma continues. She has regained her memories. She can’t even express her feelings to Parth, as she is going to marry Iqbal. She is much helpless to keep her promise. Iqbal asks Teni if she really loves him. Teni doesn’t answer him. She avoids the question. He jokes to make her smile. She thinks she can’t feel weak in such a moment, when Iqbal is looking ahead to marry her. Iqbal gives her hand to Parth and gets them married. The show will soon have its happy ending. Parth and Teni’s emotional journey gets a beginning.

Woh Apna Sa:
Arjun asks Ambika why did she hide her pain from her sons, did she not find them suitable to share their pain. He asks Ambika to tell them the reason for hiding about her husband. Rano loses the game when Ambika gets against her. Rano and her goons kidnap Akash and Jia. Rano calls Ambika to the place to reveal the secret. She ties up Ambika. She reveals Ambika’s husband, whom she has kidnapped. Akash gets beaten up by the goons. Ambika gets happy to know her husband is alive. Rano tortures Jia.

Amaya is in hospital. Inspector tells Vivaan that Pammi is responsible for the accident. Meera doesn’t agree with Vivaan. Meera donates blood to Amaya. She asks Vivaan not to misjudge Pammi again. She tells him that a mum can never do this. Vivaan loses his cool and makes her out of the hospital. Vivaan believes the police.

Aapke Aa Jane Se:
Sahil misses Vedika. He feels bad that Vedika isn’t believing him. He gets to know that Yash has got half his property. He thinks how to get back the property. Yash tells Vedika that he wants to take revenge from Badi Amma, who is actually his stepmum, she has ruined his life. He expresses his motives. He tells Vedika that he won’t spare Badi Amma. He says Badi Amma broke my mum’s happy family, I want you to support me in ruining Badi Amma’s happy family. Vedika doesn’t agree to him. Vedika hasn’t accepted Sahil’s love because of her helplessness. She has rejected to Sahil’s proposal as she wants better future for him. She hides her concern for Sahil. She doesn’t want to give up her good virtues to help someone fulfill revenge.

Satya lays a trap for Leela again. He tries to make her emotional so that she can come back to them and also get Susheel. He promises Leela that he will make Susheel take back the police complaint against her. Satya worries for Susheel a lot. His love and concern for Susheel drives Leela crazy. Leela tells Satya that she would have got happy if he cared for her more, if he really wished to see her first. She regrets the fact that she has lost a place in Satya’s heart. This rages her even more.

Leela gets mad to threaten Satya about ending Susheel’s life. She plots and tells Satya that she has put the rope noose in Susheel’s neck, which will be taking up her life in some minutes. She comes up with her dirty games to test Satya’s love and loyalty. She asks Satya and entire family to play a game of life and death with her. She presents a puzzle in front of them, and asks them to solve it if they want to see Susheel alive. She asks Satya to prepare himself mentally to conduct Susheel’s final rites. Everyone tries hard to connect to Leela’s emotions. Leela tells them that she has always been taking revenge from Susheel and her family. Susheel gets injected medicines again and falls weak. She fails to oppose Leela and save her life. Satya determines to reach out Susheel.

Siddhi Vinayak:
Manjiri is afraid that Riddhi can soon find her truth because of Kanta. She fears that Kanta has come out of coma and told her truth to Pratima and Riddhi. On the other hand, Siddhi gets surrounded by her own troubles. Pratima alerts about a big blunder to Siddhi. She tells Siddhi about Riddhi’s death anniversary news published in the papers. She asks Siddhi to hide the newspapers from Vin and his family, as none should know that Riddhi Sinha is dead. Siddhi gets tensed on seeing a newspaper in Vin’s hand. Siddhi tries hard to conceal her true identity. Manjiri gets close to know Siddhi’s big secret.


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