Yeh Hai Mohabbatein: Raman’s wrath to fall upon Ishita again


Parmeet frees Pihu from the locked room by breaking the lock. He aims to anger Raman by revealing that Pihu has run away to meet Ishita. Raman doesn’t know about Pihu getting freed. Parmeet helps Pihu with Ishita’s address. Pihu assumes Ruhi to be helping her. She gets glad to get an opportunity to meet Ishita. Pihu goes alone to meet Ishita. Ishita gets surprised seeing Pihu. Pihu lies to her that Ruhi has dropped her. Ishita and Pihu spend some good times together. Ishita misses the old times. Pihu also observes Ishita’s loneliness. She feels bad that the family has ended ties with Ishita. Ishita doesn’t justify why she has killed Adi. She stays happy with Pihu in the moment. They cook together and have a good time. Ruhi learns that Pihu has run away from the house. She understands that Pihu has gone to meet Ishita. She doesn’t learn who has helped Pihu run away.

Ruhi wishes the problems come to an end. She tries to seek help from Romi and Mihika. Romi gets too fed up with the course of action happening every day at home because of Raman’s temper. He wants to stay out of the mess. Ruhi hides Pihu’s matter from Raman. Raman goes to call Pihu for dinner. He learns she has gone out alone. He loses his cool and rushes to Ishita’s house, suspecting her to be taking Pihu away from him. He blames Ishita for killing Adi.

Raman gets his goons to damage Ishita’s house. He wants to make her life hell. He asks the goons to break the entire space so that Ishita leaves. Ishita asks Raman to stop his madness, as Pihu is getting scared. Raman threatens Ishita to ruin her, if she doesn’t stay away from Pihu. Pihu’s lie gets known to Ishita. Pihu accepts her mistake. Raman doesn’t get convinced that it was Pihu’s fault. He doesn’t want Pihu to meet Ishita again. The family reaches there to have some control on Raman’s anger. Ishita doesn’t feel bad of his anger, as she feels guilty. Raman leaves Ishita with a warning.


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