Savitri Devi: Kabir to turn Sanchi into his puppet

troubles for sanchi

Everyone is troubled by Sanchi’s strange behavior. Sanchi has become Kabir’s puppet. She is helpless because of Sunny. She is agreeing to Kabir’s wrong demands. Jaya asks Sunny about the incident. She doesn’t want police to question Sunny about his friend’s death. Sunny panics seeing the police. Jaya gets worried and wonders why is police coming to question Sunny often. Sanchi feels bad that she isn’t able to handle Sunny’s matter.

Kabir tells inspector that Sunny’s condition isn’t stable, he shouldn’t ask anything to Sunny right now, else it will affect Sunny’s health. Jaya gets thankful to Kabir and thinks he is a good person. Kabir gets in Jaya’s good books. Kabir threatens Sanchi about sending Sunny to jail. Sanchi doesn’t want Sunny’s life to get ruined. She sacrifices her life to keep Jaya and Sunny happy. She fails to reveal the matter to Jaya.



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