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Shivay gets the shocking news of their neighbor’s death. He can’t believe that Rishabh’s brother Rakesh, who was asking him for help has suddenly died. He feels Rakesh got murdered. He recollects Rakesh giving him a hint of his problem. Shivay feels sorry that he couldn’t help Rakesh. He stays disturbed. Anika tells Shivay that Rakesh’s death was natural, why would anyone murder him. She asks Shivay not to overthink. Shivay tells Anika that someone planned Rakesh’s murder cleverly. He discusses his worry with his family members. Shivay suspects Rishabh to be involved in the crime.


Vivaan gets irritated by Meera’s clumsiness. Meera tells him that she will try not to trouble him. Meera slips on the watery floor. Vivaan holds her in time and asks her to spare herself and him. She apologizes to him. He tells her that he has lost his sleep, all thanks to her mood swings and cravings at odd times. Meera plans a romantic date for Vivaan. They have a cute moment. Meera tries to talk out. Roma spoils the date and burns the set up to trouble them more. Meera gets trapped in the fire. Vivaan saves Meera again.

Kullfi Kumarr Bajewala:
Kulfi happily dances in her room. She recollects the musical jam she had with Sikandar. She is happy that Sikandar appreciated her voice. She dances carefree. She has got all the happiness of her life with Sikandar’s words of pride. Kulfi tells Johny that just he has seen her real avatar, he shouldn’t tell this to anyone. She talks to the dog. Lovely shows fake love to Kulfi, so that she can have Kulfi at home. Kulfi shares her feelings with Johny. She sings a song to lighten her heart. Lovely wants to make Amyra a star singer. Lovely melts on hearing Kulfi’s sweet song. She thanks Kulfi for lending her voice to Amyra. She asks Kulfi not to sing songs at home, as anyone can hear her and know their secret. Lovely will be knowing Kulfi’s truth soon.

Jiji Maa:

Uttara kidnaps Niyati to see if Lazer comes to save her. Falguni reaches Niyati by tracking her location. She tells Niyati that she has reached now and nothing will happen to them. Falguni and Niyati get trapped by the goons. Falguni protects Niyati. She gets injured in the process. Niyati hugs her and worries finding her head bleeding. The goon attacks on Falguni again, with an aim to kill her. Suyash reaches there on time. He stops the goons and fights with them. Suyash saves Falguni and Niyati. Falguni falls unconscious. Suyash and Niyati take Falguni to the hospital.

Piyaa Albela:

Meghna’s marriage ceremony will be seen. Vyas’ real heir comes home. Naren welcomes his brother with much love. Naren and Pooja dance with all the special guests invited in the function. The family gets emotional on seeing AngRaj. Pooja gets tensed seeing the guy. Supriya and Harish hug their real son. Pooja recollects that Angraj used to scare her and her family ten years ago. She realizes Angraj is her psychotic lover. Angraj gets to see Pooja and gets glad to find her in the family. His obsession for Pooja will be seen again. Naren has no idea about Pooja’s past. Pooja hides the secret from everyone, because she doesn’t like to spoil their happiness. Naren and Pooja will face new troubles.

Ye Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai:

Sameer and Naina go on a bike ride. Sameer applies brakes so that she holds him. Naina tells him that she won’t hold him. She hides her identity by the veil. She gets tensed that anyone can see her. Their romance goes on. Sameer teases her. Naina falls down when Sameer drives rough and avoids an approaching vehicle. Sameer apologizes to Naina.

Woh Apna Sa:
Jia takes a disguise and fools Rano. She compels Rano to speak out the truth. Jia takes her father-in-law’s avatar and plots to trap Rano. She scares Rano. Rano can’t believe her eyes. She worries that her conspiracy is known to all now. Akash helps Jia in the plan. Rano takes Jia at knife’s point. Rano then blackmails the family. She doesn’t want to spare Jia’s life. Jia asks Rano to do anything she wants. She challenges Rano’s courage.

Harman gets in dilemma. He is worried as Jeet is blackmailing him by Raavi’s pregnancy truth. Jasleen helps Harman and does a fake marriage with him so that Jeet doesn’t trouble Harman. Harman wins in saving his family’s pride. He tells Jasleen that they have to find Soumya soon. Jasleen promises to support him. They fool Jeet by mocking marriage. Preeto thanks Jasleen for helping Harman and them so much. Soumya gets the news of Harman and Jasleen’s remarriage. She shatters and feels low. Sameer consoles Soumya. He doesn’t clear her wrong assumptions.

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein:

Raman and Ishita will be seen enjoying a cycle ride. They get stuck at the isolated place, where their car breaks down. Raman tells her that he is tolerating her only because they have to complete their work together. They face the stormy night and filmi situation. Raman takes care of her so that she doesn’t get hurt. He asks her to sleep in the car, and they will find some way in morning. Raman loves her, but also hates her, as he is not able to cope up with Adi’s loss. He is in dilemma. He wants to move on in life, but is really stuck up. He recalls the time when he lost Adi to Ishita’s so-called justice.

Ishq SubhanAllah:

Ruksar blames Kabeer for molesting her. Ruksar is playing dirty games to get Kabeer. She claims to love Kabeer. Zara feels Ruksar is doing wrong. She scolds Ruksar. Ruksar changes the game and starts accusing Kabeer. Kabeer breaks down with the dirty allegations on him. Zara supports Kabeer. She tells Kabeer that she knows him very well, that he can never do anything wrong. She wants to fulfill a wife’s duty well. Ruksar gets Zeenat’s support. Zeenat asks Kabeer if Ruksar was with him in his room, then what will they assume seeing them together. Ruksar says Kabeer has accepted me with love.


Suraj gave five days time to Chakor so that she can prove herself and bring Imli out. Imli wants to distract Chakor and fail her, so that Suraj never trusts Chakor again. She sends a boy to Chakor and gives her wrong information to call Chakor somewhere. She then gives some bhaang to the lemonade vendor and asks him to add it in Chakor’s drink. She is confident that she will win. Chakor and Vivaan reach the shade where they used to meet before. They spend some fun time. Imli spikes their lemonade and lets them romance, so that Suraj loses his cool seeing them. Imli wants Chakor and Vivaan to forget their motive of finding her. Chakor and Vivaan recollect their old time. They get happy and dance.

Kumkum Bhagya:

Tanu arrives at the party and sees Abhi leaving the party. Pragya goes through an emotional turmoil and gets upset with King for the big lie. She informs King that her husband is Abhi. King gets shocked and decides to take revenge for Pragya’s tears. Meanwhile, Kiara enjoys at Abhi’s house and makes a good rapport with Mehra family. Disha develops a liking for Kiara and insists to meet her mother. Suwarni Dadi and Dasi feel instant connectivity with Kiara and sense some resemblance with Pragya.


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