Ishqbaaz: A curse to turn the Obros perturbed

Ishqbaaz: Celebrations times for Oberois

Shivay gets depressed that Rakesh is no more. The family mourns for Rakesh, as they didn’t imagine Rakesh will leave the world at an young age. Anika tells them that Rishabh is in bad state since Rakesh left. Shivay tells them that Rakesh was murdered by Rishabh. He reveals that Rakesh has predicted his death and has openly asked for help. They don’t believe him. Anika tells Shivay that Rishabh was with them at the radio station when Rakesh died. They think Rishabh loved Rakesh a lot. Shivay tells them that he is feeling guilty as he couldn’t help Rakesh. He wants to find the truth and get Rishabh punished. He asks Bhavya to help him. Bhavya promises to punish Rakesh’s murderer. Obros get together on the task.

Rudra tells Shivay that he will always support him. He fears that Rishabh can murder him too. Shivay asks Rudra to distract Rishabh, so that he can get inside the house and find for clues. Rishabh refuses to share his sorrow. Rudra forcibly enters his house and tells him that he will try to lessen his sorrow. He finds Rishabh celebrating and gets a big shock. Shivay and Omkara look for the clues in Rakesh’s room. Omkara tells Shivay that Rishabh is planning to escape, as his bags are packed. Shivay tells him that Rishabh is leaving for London. Disco barks at them and alerts Rishabh. Rudra tries to stop Rishabh. Rishabh doesn’t see Shivay and Omkara. Shivay finds a way to shut up Disco’s barking.

Omkara tells him that they have to leave. Bhavya starts her investigation. She tells them that the house help has said the truth. Shivay tells them that Rishabh is running away and they have to plan something to stop him.

Rudra tells them that Rishabh was celebrating, he wasn’t in any grief over his brother’s death. Oberois plan to find the murder motive and then trap Rishabh. Shivay meets Rishabh and tells him that they will be organizing a prayer meet at the Oberoi mansion. Rishabh tells them that he has no relative. Shivay still insists him to come, as they want to lessen his pain.

Rishabh attends the prayer meet. He rushes to attend a call. Rudra spies on Rishabh. He asks the man about Rishabh’s meet. They learn that Rishabh has met the insurance agent as he cares for money more. Shivay finds the murder motive, that’s money. Rishabh thanks the Oberois for helping him so much. Bhavya tells them that Rishabh has made Rakesh’s death an accident to get the insurance money. Shivay wants to get justice for Rakesh. He checks the CCTV footage and finds Disco’s behavior strange. He tells Anika that Disco is the only one going in Rakesh’s room. Anika asks him if he will blame the dog now. He finds it right. Her words make him think if a dog is involved.

He gets to see a show about dogs and learns that a trained dog can do anything. He realizes that the dog is a loyal animal, who can do anything for the owner. Shivay tells them that Rishabh has employed his dog to kill his brother. The family gets a big shock. Shivay makes a plan to disturb Rishabh again. He tells them that they can expose Rishabh’s crime easily now. The family reaches Rishabh and pampers him with care.

Rishabh lies to them that he is returning to his home city. Shivay tells Rishabh that they share a close bond, they will miss him a lot. Shivay tells them that they will listen to Rishabh’s radio show. He knows that Rishabh has given the hint to the dog via the radio show. He plays the radio show on the speaker.

Rishabh asks them to not remind him of Rakesh. Shivay insists Rishabh to just let them hear the show once. The dog gets the hint and executes Rishabh’s plan once again, in front of the Oberois. They learn how Rishabh planned Rakesh’s murder. They confront Rishabh for killing Rakesh. Rishabh accepts his crime. Bhavya gets him arrested. Rishabh curses them that money will divide the Obros as well and make them hate each other. Shivay tells Rishabh that such a bad day will never come in their lives. Obros get a warning from Rishabh, and stay disturbed.



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