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Telly Spoilers Shakti Ishq SubhanAllah Top 7 Today

Krishna Chali London:
Radhe gets slapped by Shukla. Dubey and Krishna see Radhe getting tortured. Shukla scolds Radhe for ruining his family name. Radhe defends Dubey and turns his dad angry. Shukla asks Dubey not to get in between his family. He asks Radhe how could he go to the cow shed to get milk, did he forget his status, how could he jump in cow dung. He doesn’t care that Radhe broke his leg. Radhe wanted to impress Krishna and get milk tea for her. Shukla loses his cool on Radhe’s stupidity. Radhe sells his bike for Krishna’s sake. Radhe buys a buffalo for her. Krishna defends Radhe. She connects with his pain and cries for him. Radhe gets glad that she sympathized with him for the first time. He feels he has won even after getting beaten up.

Mariam Khan – Reporting LIVE:

Mariam and her friends enjoy an outing. They attend a party in the school. Fawad and his friends find Mariam and spoil her fun by their troubling tricks. Mariam and Fawad start outdoing each other. The kids have a fight. Mariam and Fawad blame each other. Mariam’s family attends the school fest, organized by Meher and Mahira. Mariam gets happy and clicks their photos by Majaaz’s gifted camera. Mahira asks Mariam not to spoil her pictures. Mariam and her family donate things to poor children in the charity fest.

Kulffi Kumarr Bajewala:

Sikandar takes Kulfi and Amyra out to a park. He explains them how nature has music, it teaches a lot to them. Sikandar pampers Kulfi. They have a musical jam. Amyra doesn’t like it. She plans to trouble Kulfi. She asks Kulfi to get red flowers for Sikandar, which will please his heart a lot. Kulfi wants to gift flowers to her dad and Guru. She goes to get flowers. She finds red flowers and gets happy. She comes back and finds Sikandar and Amyra gone. She cries and fears that she has gone lost. Sikandar goes to get icecreams. He misses Kulfi and asks Amyra about her. Amyra acts innocent. Sikandar worries for Kulfi.

Ishq SubhanAllah:

Zara and Kabeer have a moment. Ruksar intervenes and makes them away. Ruksar shocks them and burns all her memories. She tells Kabeer that she will sacrifice herself for his sake, she will marry anyone he wants. She tells him that she is agreeing to him, and she will marry Hamdan now. She ends the memories. She reminds Kabeer their childhood friendship. Kabeer sympathizes with Ruksar. Zara doesn’t want Ruksar to play any new game. Ruksar lights up all the pictures, and shocks Kabeer. She expresses her annoyance with Kabeer’s decision. Ruksar tells him that she will forget him, and try to adjust in her new life. Her assurance surprises Zara.

Shivay and Anika have a fight again. He throws her in the pool angrily. Anika demands him to fulfill her wishes, else she won’t talk to him. Shivay and Anika’s pool romance will be seen once again. He gets in the pool and apologizes to her. He doesn’t want any misunderstanding to be created between them. She doesn’t listen to him. She gets upset with him. Anika has seen Shivay with Fiza. She tells him that he can’t dominate her always. He tells her that he has gone to meet Farhan, he found Fiza in trouble and held her to help. She asks him not to clarify. He asks her to hear the explanation, so that he ends her doubts.

Vivaan wants to marry Meera once again. He has realized his love for Meera. They come closer by a kid’s mischief. They get into an argument again. Meera refuses for the marriage. She tells him that he can’t force her this way. Meera thinks Pammi is right, but Vivaan doesn’t think so. He tells her that he wants to marry her by his wish and also keep her baby. He just wants Pammi to come in front of him.

Jiji Maa:

Uttara doesn’t want the family to know her crimes. She fears of losing everything. Falguni gets Gayatri home. Suyash turns grateful to her for such a big favor and forgives her once again. Suyash and Falguni come closer because of Gayatri. They begin life afresh. They wish nothing goes wrong here. The family plans a celebration for Gayatri. Balwant takes a disguise of a woman and enters Rawat Villa. He works out Uttara’s planning and shoots Niyati. He then turns off the power and drags the shot person away from everyone.

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai:

Kartik and Naira rush for college so that they don’t get late. They get the same cab and argue for it. Naira gets the cab and thinks she will reach first. Naitik doesn’t see Kartik in the building compound. Naitik feels Naira is surely hiding something from him. He decides to visit the college. Naira gets late. Guard stops her from entering the gate. She somehow manages to get her ID card by Naitik’s help. Naitik tells Naira that she has forgotten the ID in haste. He sends her for the class. He happens to see Kartik talking to the Dean. He then learns that Kartik is the new trustee and also Naira’s professor, who has left Naira so disturbed.

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein:

Raman gets angry on finding the fungus in sweets. He tells his family that he has personally ordered the sweets from their favorite shop, the sweets can’t be bad, someone has done this deliberately. He asks Simmi won’t she change ever. Simmi denies the blames. Parmeet asks Simmi to come with him, they shouldn’t get more insulted. They leave from the ceremony. Ishita tells Raman that they have to be extra careful about Raman. Ishita makes Roshni rest in the room. Ishita finds Roshni’s room locked. She worries for Roshni, who got trapped inside.

Aapke Aa Jane Se:

Nidhi’s plan flops. She is getting blackmailed. She gets worried. Vedika does a puja and distributes prasad to everyone. Sahil takes the prasad and asks Vedika to share it with him. He gets into fun mood and teases Vedika. The house got divided. Sahil doesn’t care about the tensions. He comes home drunk and expresses his love for Vedika. Vedika finds hard to limit Sahil. Badi Amma and Vedika meet a family for Shruti’s alliance. Vedika’s mum adds up her drama and annoys Badi Amma. Everyone wants Shruti to get married and forget Puneesh. Shruti had no idea about it and reacts angrily on knowing about the alliance. She tells them that she had an affair with Puneesh. She doesn’t respect Vedika. She has a misconception about Vedika. Sahil blames himself. Vedika feels guilty for Sahil’s state.


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