Kaleerein: Meera to rescue Vivaan’s life once again

Kaleerein: Meera and Vivaan to get remarried

Vivaan wants to marry Meera once again. He has realized his love for Meera. They come closer by a kid’s mischief. They get into an argument again. Meera refuses for the marriage. She tells him that he can’t force her this way. Meera thinks Pammi is right, but Vivaan doesn’t think so. He tells her that he wants to marry her by his wish and also keep her baby. He just wants Pammi to come in front of him.

Vivaan blames Meera for Pammi’s matter. He angrily holds her neck. Meera doesn’t deter and keeps her stance on Roma’s conspiracy. Vivaan is madly finding Pammi. Meera wants to help Vivaan, but is always misunderstood. Roma plots hindrances to divert Vivaan and Meera. Vivaan gets angry when he receives disturbing notes from Pammi. He feels Meera is involved in Pammi’s game. He isn’t aware that Roma has sent the notes to provoke his anger.

Later, Meera gets invited as the chief guest by the academy head Mrs. Singh. Meera gets all the respect as she is Vivaan’s wife now. Meera performs on a peppy song in her Soni Kudi Academy. She shows her style. Someone reaches there to shoot Vivaan. Vivaan enjoys Meera’s dance program. He gets shot. Meera gets a huge shock and runs to him. Meera saves his life. He tells Meera that he regrets that he got saved, he should have got shot at heart, instead the arm. He feels Pammi has planned to kill him. Meera knows it was Roma’s planning.


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