Silsila Badalte Rishton Ka: Rajdeep to break Nandini-Mauli’s friendship

Silsila OMG Mauli gets reminded of Rajdeep's evil

Nandini and Mauli’s relationship was more like of sisters, than best friends. Nandini recalls the past. Rajdeep has played the devil and divided the friends. In the flashback scene, Nandini introduces Mauli to Rajdeep. Mauli says I was adamant to meet you and know who is Nandini marrying. Rajdeep asks Mauli to feel comfortable. He sends Nandini to make tea. He lies to Nandini about Mauli. Rajdeep misbehaves with Mauli. Mauli learns his evil intentions and slaps him. Nandini asks Rajdeep not to cross his limits. Nandini witnesses the problem. Rajdeep acts innocent.

Mauli tells Nandini that Rajdeep isn’t right, he has tried to misbehave with her. Rajdeep tells Nandini that Mauli is jealous of her, she can’t see her having status, freedom and money. He swears and lies that he didn’t misbehave with Mauli. Nandini gets confused. Mauli asks Nandini to believe her.

Rajdeep tells Nandini that they are going to marry and she should trust him if she sees a future with him. He frames Mauli for having bad motives. He tells Nandini that he won’t see any girl, as he already has a pretty girl like her. He expects her to show faith. Mauli asks Nandini to come with her. Nandini refuses and chooses Rajdeep. She goes against Mauli. Nandini chooses love over friendship. Nandini leaves Mauli’s hand. She sides with Rajdeep. She fails Mauli’s friendship.


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