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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein: Roshni’s baby shower ceremony is celebrated with all the wishful hearts. Roshni gets gifts from them. Pihu gives a thoughtful gift. She tells Roshni that she got the book so that she can teach good manners to the baby. Pihu makes Roshni smile by her innocent talk. She then insists everyone to come for dance. The family misses Adi.

Krishna Chali London:

Krishna gets tea for Radhe. Radhe takes the tea. Krishna tells him that she gets black tea, as her fate is also black after marrying him. She tells him that her dad sold a buffalo to give him a bike in the rasam. She expresses that buffaloes are a medium of financial support for them, but he won’t understand this as he is rich. Radhe didn’t wish for the bike. He fails to tell her that it was Matuk’s demand. He didn’t intend to trouble his in-laws financially. He feels sad and wants to solve Krishna’s problem. Radhe decides to save his in-laws from the mess. Radhe wants to help them and do his duty towards Krishna.

Silsila Badalte Rishton Ka:

Kunal makes Mauli meet Nandini and surprises her. Mauli wants to return the favor and buy a gift for Kunal. They go to the shopping mall and buy some gifts. Mauli and Nandini have a new start of their friendship. Mauli meets Nndini after many years and can’t express her happiness. Nadnini gives her a gift and ends all their differences. Kunal has sorted their misunderstandings. Kunal and Mauli meet Nandini and Rajdeep at the mall. Nandini sees Mauli and Kunal’s bonding and misses such a life partner in her life.

Bitti Business Wali:
Bitti sells all beauty stuff from her shop so that her father Gayatri can pay the fees of her siblings Suman and Shaurya. Gayatri asks her why did she sell everything? Bitti tells him that she is changing her business after doing market research. She determines to do such a business which will be fruitful for her. Meanwhile, Laddo Singh comes to see the shop and finds it empty. He comes to Bitti’s house, throws vase on Dadi and slaps Jogi. He warns Bitti to return all his money within the stipulated time else he will sell their house without their permission. Bitti gets shocked.

Kumkum Bhagya:

Abhi tells Mr. Wick that he wants to terminate the music album contract with him. Mr.Wick asks him to pay the penalty of 200 crores and says you will be banned from the music industry for 3 years and it is enough to end your career. Abhi tells him that he has decided. King tries to provoke Abhi to accept that he is the reason behind his decision. Abhi makes it clear that Pragya is the reason behind his decision. King gets angry on Abhi and wonders why is he taking her name. He comes home and tells Pragya about Abhi refusing to do the album with him because of her strangely. Pragya decides to meet him and challenges him to do the album. She doesn’t want his career to end and that’s why challenges him to compete with King.


SP Durga Devi talks to Roop and realizes that he is not arrogant with useless principles like his father. She makes him drink milk as he was made to exercise with Police Jawans. She sends him home with Police-constable. Roop comes back home and praises Durga Devi. He shows the gift to his mother Kamla and sister. Constable gives the letter to Shamsher. Shamsher fumes reading it as Durga Devi writes that she is glad as Roop is not like him, and asks him not to forces his wish on his son or stop him from doing anything. Shamsher throws the bouquet in the air along with the torn letter and gets angry on Durga Devi. He stops his training so that Roop doesn’t meet SP again. Roop gets thankful to God.

Yeh Pyaar Nahi Toh Kya Hai:
Siddhant plans to break the SHARK unity to ruin KK. He asks Sweety to concentrate on Rao ji, while he plans to concentrate on SHARK. He tells KK that Goel has offered him a job and asked him to continue his work at Reddy Corporation, but work secretly for him. He claims that Goel has offered him a big amount if he supports him. KK says he is bluffing, he doesn’t have anything. Siddhant says I have agreed to work with him. KK gets shocked. Siddhant tells him that Goel might have given such offers to many and asks KK to enquire among his close associates about Goel’s’ offer. He aims to break Sudhanshu and KK’s relation first. Anu tries to forget Siddhant but gets helpless by her heart. Riddhi asks her to move on.

Saam Daam Dand Bhed:

Vijay learns about Bulbul and Aaliya. He gets the information from Vasu. Vijay wants to find them. Vasu reveals the truth, why Bulbul was protecting Aaliya. She reveals the address of Aaliya’s aunt, where Bulbul took her. She apologizes to him for hiding it till now. He asks her not to get scared, he won’t scold her, he is thankful that she came ahead to help him. He asks her to maintain peace at home. Vasu was helping Bulbul in hiding Aaliya. Vijay has to find Bulbul so that he can expose true intentions of Aaliya’s parents.


Harman reaches the godown and looks for Soumya. She gets conscious on hearing Harman’s voice. She shouts to Harman for help. She struggles and frees herself from the ropes. She gets strength by the power of pure love. She runs to see Harman. Harman finally meets Soumya. He rescues her from the kidnapper Gill. They get emotional on meeting after a long time. They have a hug and sheds tears of happiness. Harman apologizes to Soumya. His search finally ends. Gill sees them and points a gun at Harman. Saaya arrives there and saves Harman from getting shot.


Madhu gives the honest statement in the court which makes Mahi upset. She tells her that she can’t blame and trap Zoya in false case for her hatred. Harsh sees an envelope in Rajvir’s hands and sees him smiling. Aditya tells Harsh that he knows what he has worked out. Harsh asks who is this Zoya for you? Aditya says nothing, she is just innocent and I can’t see anything wrong happen with her. He gives him two options, asks him to save both of them else he will confess in court that he has killed both cheaters. Later, Aditya asks Zoya to hire some other lawyer if she wants. Zoya refuses to hire separate lawyer for her and tells that we will fight together. She shows trust in him. Aditya gets touched by her words.


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