Aapke Aa Jane Se: Vedika to get kidnapped by Nidhi’s aide

Aapke Aa Jane Se

Nidhi discourages Vedika. She doesn’t want Vedika to come between Sahil and her. Vedika learns that Sahil isn’t the father of Nidhi’s child. She tells Sahil that she trusts him more now. Nidhi makes a plan to remove Vedika from their lives. Nidhi hires Pandey to kill Vedika. Sahil and Vedika leave for Shruti’s wedding. He drives the car over the spread nails. The tyres punctures. Sahil asks Vedika to take a cab and leave for the wedding. Vedika leaves alone. Sahil calls for a mechanic to get help. Vedika meets with an accident. Sahil doesn’t know who is after Vedika’s life. Karan runs away from the mandap.

Puneesh gets him back. He tells Shruti that he won’t let her defamed, when he learnt that Karan has run away, he got him back. He cleans his name from the matter. Karan tells her that he did a mistake, he is ready for marriage. Puneesh plots this to trouble Shruti. Shruti and Karan get married.

On the other hand, Vedika gets kidnapped by Pandey. She gets to see Pandey’s true face. Vedika will be seen saving the women from a human trafficking racket. Vedika learns Pandey’s evil crime and scolds him for ruining innocent women’s lives. She asks him to think of his family women, how could he stoop so low. She didn’t know Pandey is evil minded. She asks him to release the girls. Pandey hits Vedika. She fights back to free the girls.


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