Bepannaah: Aditya tries to befriend Zoya once again

Bepannaah: Aditya to battle for his love

Zoya and Aditya have an argument. Zoya refuses to trust him. They have a clash. He tells her that he doesn’t want to get rude towards her, but he is just explaining that her plan won’t leave anyone happy, none will be liking her move. He tells her that they are still friends and they can still talk with manners. She reminds him etiquette and asks him to state why his dad insulted her in the court. She tells him that he shouldn’t expect her to attend the Eid party and become friends again by forgetting everything. He convinces her to attend the party. They both are right on their stand, but don’t agree for the same point.

Zoya celebrates her Eid with her family. Zoya and Noor ask their dad for Eidi. He gifts him beautiful ornaments. Noor is also upset with Arjun. She doesn’t want to see his face and wants for the party to get over. Noor is angry as he has hidden his real identity. Arjun is also confused. He doesn’t want Noor to get annoyed, as she has also lied to him. Aditya tries to convince Zoya. He takes Zoya for the dance performance. They perform dance. He wants Zoya to forget the bad incidents. Will Zoya accept his friendship? Keep reading.


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