Roop: Shamsher to get promoted; Roop to get a bravery award


Roop makes Shamsher proud. Ranvir reads the honor speech for Shamsher, since Roop and Shamsher are getting the bravery award for fighting with the goons. Shamsher likes the news about Roop. He hugs Roop. The policemen give them the good news that Shamsher is called for duty once again, the police department has kept a honor ceremony for him, he will be appointed again and also get a promotion. He gives the invite to Shamsher and asks him to come with the family, since Roop will be awarded too.

Kamla falls sick. She tells Roop that she can’t accompany them in the function. Roop requests her to come along, he will miss her and won’t like the function. Shamsher and everyone are happy for Shamsher’s promotion. Roop wants to fulfill expectations of Shamsher and Kamla. Shamsher wants to make Roop a strong man like him, while Kamla wants to instil good values in her son. Roop gets stuck in the phase of adolescence. He loves his family a lot and want to keep their emotions intact. He doesn’t want to hurt anyone.


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