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Chakor tells Suraj that they should help Abhay. Suraj feels its enough that she is getting drawn towards her decision. He books a tour to get away from Aazaadgunj for few days. Suraj and Vivaan make this plan so that Chakor can get distracted. Chakor just thinks about the mission and asks Suraj to meet Colonel and his daughter Naina. Suraj refuses to pretend love for Naina. Chakor tells Suraj that she will accompany him if he goes to Colonel’s house. Chakor keeps an eye on Naina. She is ready to do anything for her country. She wishes that she succeeds in her goals. She wants Suraj to support her. She goes close to Colonel’s house and acts that her car broke down. She waits for Naina to pass by. Naina spots Chakor and offers her help. Chakor refuses to get her help. She tells Naina that she will manage it on her own. Naina makes a leave. Chakor wants Suraj to meet Naina.

Kullfi Kumarr Bajewala:
Sikandar tells Roshan that Kulfi has sung the song that day, its not Amyra’s voice, Kulfi has the real talent. Amyra doesn’t like the insult. She feels everything got finished after Sikandar’s revelation. Kulfi sings with Sikandar in front of Roshan. Amyra and Lovely’s lie gets exposed in front of Roshan. Amyra gets angry with them and runs to her room. She avoids Kulfi and breaks their so called friendship. She eats cookies and tries to vent out anger. Kulfi meets Amyra and makes an apology. She asks Amyra not to misunderstand her. Kulfi cries when Amyra doesn’t talk to her. Kulfi clarifies that she was helpless to obey Sikankar. She wishes Amyra understands her pain. Cutie and Minty talk out to Lovely and advice her not to end ties with Sikandar. Cutie worries for Lovely’s future.

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai:

Kartik and Naira got distanced, but they both still have love in their heart. Naira gets hurt in the college. Kartik rushes her in the taxi. Kartik takes her to the hospital for aid. She gets scared of the injection. She asks doctor to give medicine. Kartik says she is scared of injection, you can give her any spray or tablet. Naira doesn’t admit that she is scared, she doesn’t like the injections. He asks her to admit that she is afraid of the injection. Naira gets adamant and demands the doctor to give her the injection, she wants to get a pain relief soon. Kartik holds her hand and encourages her when she takes the injection. He gets emotional seeing her in pain.

Piyaa Albela:
Naren reaches a women NGO. He gets drunk and gives a speech in the function. He salutes the women power and then gets misbehaving with Pooja, who tries to stop him. Naren and Pooja’s political fights begin. Naren loses to Pooja. His speech upsets the women. They all oppose him and protest against him. Naren turns shocked. The media also gets against him. Pooja takes drunken Naren away from the stage. Pooja challenges Naren so that he can mend his ways. Pooja campaigns for her party in order to get elected. She tells the women that she is definitely a better candidate than Naren and can help the society. Naren didn’t know that Pooja can achieve something on her own. Pooja proves her worth. Rahul instigates Naren again. He has spiked Naren’s drink to flop his campaign. The women kick out Naren from the function and refuse to have him as their minister.

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein:

Shantanu has lied in the court that Roshni is bearing his child. Though Ishita and Roshni didn’t like Shantanu’s lie, they kept the lie to get the case in their favor. Ishita’s lie gets costly for her. She is proved to be a liar in the court. Raman gets an evidence to prove Shantanu’s lie. He scolds Ishita for stooping low for the sake of Adi’s child custody. He reveals the court how Shantanu and Ishita lied. He plays the recording in the court, where Ishita admits that its Adi’s child. Raman’s proof gets a twist in the tale. Ishita loses the case. Ishita gets worried when she faces the trials. Raman tells the judge that he has confronted Ishita and Roshni for the lie, and when Ishita admitted Shantanu’s lie, he had recorded the same and wanted to prove in the court.


Harak gets angry on Soumya and Harman. He decides to ruin them. He scolds Soumya for giving him a lecture. He asks Soumya to stay out of his family matters. The house got divided because of Soumya. Harman wants to open a toy factory for Soumya, so that she can make a career. Harak tells her that her dreams won’t be fulfilled. He doesn’t permit her to open up a toy factory. She tells him that his decision is troubling Harman a lot. She tries to explain him, but he gets scolding her. He says I know how to run a factory, I m born before you and have lots of experience. He states that, if she lectures him, the division mess won’t get cleared.

Jiji Maa:

Uttara is plotting wicked things and taking advantage of Falguni’s mental instability. She pretends to be a good mother and plays with Falguni’s emotions. Falguni faces the troubles, and still believes that Uttara is the world’s best mother. She hugs Uttara and tells her that she loves her a lot. Uttara drops the oil on the stairs and plans to make Falguni fall down. She does this to harm Falguni. She takes Falguni with her and asks her to hurry up to watch the puppet show. She doesn’t want Falguni to see the show. Falguni runs down the stairs and slips by the oil. Niyati comes there in time and saves Falguni from getting hurt. Niyati fails Uttara’s plan again.


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