Ishqbaaz: Shivay and Anika’s humiliating chapter next


Anika worries when Priyanka suddenly faints. She contacts Khanna, but fails to inform him. She leaves an audio message for him and rushes Priyanka to the government hospital. The doctor refuses to treat Priyanka. Anika scolds the doctor and reminds him his duties. She asks him to immediately attend Priyanka, whose cause of losing consciousness is not known to her. She faces financial let down when she is asked to make a deposit for the treatment. She gets selfless and gives away all the money she has in hand to get Priyanka treated. Khanna gets her message and informs Shivay about Priyanka. Shivay leaves everything and runs to Priyanka. He reaches the hospital and finds Priyanka. He questions Anika about feeding anything specific to Priyanka. She tells him that she added cashews in the dosa. He tells her about Priyanka’s allergy to nuts. He scolds her for making Priyanka hospitalized.

She tells him that Priyanka had come to her house to make a job offer. He misunderstands Anika and gets on her family name to insult her. She gets interrupted by calls and fails to explain Shivay. He takes it wrong. She tells him that Priyanka liked the designs and she wanted to hire her. Shivay angrily throws her phone, which results in hurting Anika. He asks her to talk to him without any distraction. She cries for her phone, as just she knows what money means to her. Shivay humiliates Anika and instigates her to reply back. She doesn’t take a word about her mother. She gets insulting him and his parents. They both get equal. Shivay raises his voice and gets much angry. He smashes the glass and injures his hand. Anika faces his wrath. He tells her that he is sparing her just because she is a girl. He asks her to feel lucky and get away from him. He doesn’t wish to meet her again. They have a clash.

Shivay gets Priyanka home. She tells him how Anika saved her life. She reveals that Anika has fought with the doctor to get her treated on time. She doesn’t think it was Anika’s fault. He tells her that Anika has fed the cashew dosa to her. She tells him that Anika had no idea about her allergy, they can’t blame her. She tells him that anything could have happened if Anika didn’t get her treated on time. She wants to thank Anika. He asks her not to meet Anika and not fall in her trap. He feels Anika is selfish and greedy to get a job.

She tells him that Anika is poor, she is badly in need of a job. He cancels all his work commitments to take care of Priyanka. She asks him not to ignore work and go to office. She convinces him to go. Anika worries for fulfilling her responsibilities towards Gauri and Sahil. She worriedly thinks of getting any job to earn a living. Anika’s family faces a bad time again. They lose their home. The landlord doesn’t give them time and throws their belongings out of the house. She doesn’t want to believe Anika further. Anika reaches there and finds them on the road. She gets a huge shock. Anika runs to rescue Gauri and Sahil. Her aunt believes that Anika had made a fake promise and ran away.

Anika bravely fights with their miseries. Sahil falls ill. Anika fails to pay any money as she has spent the money for Priyanka’s treatment. She tells her aunt that she has no money. Aunt scolds her for doing the charity, when she is herself a beggar. Anika begs the landlord to get some time. She doesn’t draw any sympathy. Anika tells her aunt that she will soon find a job. Priyanka comes to Anika’s rescue and clears her loans. She takes Anika home by offering her a job. Shivay and Anika meet once again.


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