Yeh Hai Mohabbatein: Raman and Ishita to fail Parmeet’s plotting


Raman and Ishita get Roshni back home and make her take some good rest. Inspector asks Raman how did he get Roshni, and did he know about the kidnapper. Raman doesn’t tell anything and asks him to give some time to Roshni. Ishita gets sad seeing her room and finds everything changed. She feels she is still the same, but her life changed a lot. She misses Raman. She looks after Roshni and wants to know who had kidnapped her. Roshni feels bad that Ishita stayed away from Raman and the family because of her. She recollects how happy Raman and Ishita used to be. She wishes to find a solution to get them back together. Parmeet wonders how Roshni managed to escape. He tells Simmi that its a puzzle for him to know how Roshni got saved. Romi doesn’t show any interest in knowing about Roshni.

Simmi tells him that maybe has has left the door open. He doesn’t want to get caught by the police. Raman asks Romi about the cap which Pihu gifted him. Romi tells him that he won’t find it at this time.

Mihika looks for it, and doesn’t get the cap. Raman tells Mihika and Romi that evidence is against Romi. Romi tells him that he can’t do such cheap thing. He gets angry that the family doubts on him. He tells Raman that he really wants to leave the family and stay in peace. He asks Raman to complain about him. Ishita hears them and feels she is wrong to doubt on Romi. Ishita tells Raman that someone is framing Romi by a clever planning. Raman shares his concerns with her. She falls asleep while he goes to make coffee for her. He gets caring for Ishita. Later, Raman and Ishita accompany Roshni and police to find the kidnapper. They get Romi’s cap there and understand that the kidnapper is someone else.

Parmeet tells Simmi that he has left the cap there and Romi will go to jail now. He wants the family to shatter. Simmi tells him that she doesn’t care for any of her brother. He wants to see Raman and Romi’s clashes.

He tells her that Romi shouldn’t leave from the house before Raman gets police. Raman and Ishita return home and don’t mention Romi’s name in front of the police. Parmeet waits for the family drama to begin, but nothing such happens. Raman doesn’t let Romi fall in trouble. Inspector asks the family to stay alert and be with Roshni all the time for her safety. Roshni enjoys her time with Pihu. Ishita thanks Raman for everything. She gets happy that Raman understood Romi. Raman thanks her for helping him understand. Ruhi asks Raman to attend meeting at the office. Raman doesn’t wish to go. Ishita asks him to go for the meeting and assures that she will be with Roshni. Shagun reaches Aaliya and informs about her mistake, which could make them land in problem. Aaliya worries that they can’t manage the catering order. Ishita overhears them and assures that they can still manage everything. She helps Aaliya and tries to win her heart once again. She wishes she could do something better for Aaliya.


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