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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein: Tania tells the Bhallas that she is dating Raman since last few months, he calls her up every time he has to make Ishita jealous. She shouts on Raman for ruining her life and making her MMS by cheat. Raman and Bhallas receive a big shock. Raman asks Tania did she go mad to say such a nonsense, she is just accusing him for no reason. Tania says I thought you are a nice person, but you proved me wrong, how can you stoop so low, I didn’t imagine this could happen. She scolds Raman. Simmi and Parmeet smirk on seeing the troubles for IshRa. Tania calls Shagun at Bhalla house. She tells Shagun that she wants to file a complaint against Raman.

Kullfi Kumarr Bajewala:

There will be a new entry of Tevar Singh, who will be bringing big twists in Sikandar and Kulfi’s lives. He will become Kulfi’s helper. He also wants to become a successful singer like Sikandar. Tevar meets Sikandar and touches his feet. He regards Sikandar as his idol. He tries to impress Sikandar in their first meet. He hugs Sikandar and shows gratitude. Sikandar likes him. Tevar praises Sikandar for achieving a lot by his singing talents. He tells the media that Sikandar earned money, name and fame by music, he is so successful that he inspires many. He says I also want to climb the same success stairs like Sikandar and follow his steps.



After the goons bash up incident, Chakor plans a new situational meet for Suraj and Naina. Suraj gets reluctant at first, but then agrees for Chakor’s sake. Chakor motivates Suraj to just think about the country security and fail Colonel’s plan. She is hopeful that Naina will forgive them once she knows her dad’s real face. Naina’s car bumps into Abhay’s car. Suraj and Naina meet the RAW agents on the way, while Chakor keeps an eye on the happenings. Abhay takes a new disguise and gets into an argument with Shankar, so that Suraj can prove his friendship and loyalty to Naina. Shankar raises a hand on Abhay. Suraj stops Shankar and scolds him for not accepting his mistake.

Jiji Maa:

Suyash tries to help Falguni and recover her memory. Uttara doesn’t want Falguni to remember anything about the past. Falguni gets hurt. Suyash lifts her and makes her rest on the bed. She gets a flash of similar old moment. She looks at him and gets confused. Suyash and Niyati care for her and put her to sleep. Falguni senses something and runs out of the room to meet Niyati. Suyash stops her and asks where is she going. Niyati asks Falguni if she got any memory flash.


Roop wants to fulfill Shamsher’s expectation. Roop sacrifices his happiness again. The villagers reach Shamsher and ask for donation for the village sports competition. Shamsher tells them that Roop will also take part in cycling and rope jumping competitions. Roop likes the rope jumping sport, but for Shamsher’s sake, he agrees for cycling. Roop changes his choices for Shamsher’s sake. He wants to make sure that Shamsher doesn’t get hurt by his doings.


Anika wants Shivay to reach the place and know Daksh’s truth. She says Shivay will himself stop Priyanka’s truth when he finds Daksh’s evil intentions. She keeps an eye on Daksh. Daksh and Payal reach the resort. Anika and Shivay also get a room there and spy on Daksh. Anika tries to hear Daksh’s conversation with Payal. She wants Shivay to step ahead and catch Daksh red-handed. She waits for Shivay to come on time. She thinks how to contact Shivay, she doesn’t even have his number. She wonders why Shivay got late. Shivay and Anika knock the door and confront Daksh. They raid the room and ask Daksh what is he doing in Lonavla with Payal.

Ishq Mein Marjawa:

Tara is taking revenge from Aarohi once again. Deep and Aarohi learn about Tara on getting her call. Tara congratulates them for marriage. Aarohi tells Deep that she has called the police, as she is much scared for their lives. Deep tells her that he will meet inspector and come. Tara comes home and attacks on Aarohi. She kidnaps Aarohi by making her unconscious. Deep is planning to remarry Aarohi and settle with her, which Tara can never tolerate. She becomes a problem for Aarohi’s life. She sends Aarohi away and takes her place in Deep’s life. She wants to marry Deep. She acts helpless and hurts herself.

Mariam Khan – Reporting LIVE:

Mahira fails to tell her parents about her feelings for Sarfaraz’s son Rihaan, knowing Safaraz and Aijaz are arch rivals. The family celebrates Ramadan Eid and invite Ashraf family as well. Rihaan enters Majaaz’s house during the Eid celebrations for the sake of his love. He takes a disguise and meets Mahira. He learns about Mahira and Zain’s alliance. He can’t lose Mahira, since he promised Sarfaraz that he will wed Mahira to fulfill his enmity. Mahira isn’t aware of Rihaan’s true intentions and believes that he really loves her.


Harak Singh and Harman family unite back and erase the division line just for the sake of Nani. Preeto’s mum informs them that she is coming home. Preeto gets worried that her mum will come and see the bad truth of her family. She asks Harak and Harman to keep the partition if they want, its fine if her mum is coming after many years, she should also see the partition. Soumya asks Preeto to leave her anger and not upset her mum. She asks the family members to make everything proper, her mum shouldn’t know about the house division. Harman rushes and clears the partition.

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