Yeh Hai Mohabbatein: Ishita to resolve her differences with Aaliya

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein, Roshni returns to Bhalla house

Roshni returns to Bhalla house and gets too pampered by the elders. Aaliya tells them that she will look after Roshni as before. She wants Roshni to stay fine so that she delivers a healthy baby. Aaliya takes up Roshni’s responsibility. She asks all the elders to have some rest. Ruhi makes space for Ishita in Raman’s room. She asks Raman not to behave such. She tells Raman that he should share his cupboard with Ishita. He refuses to do it. He doesn’t want anyone to force him. Roshni apologizes to Aaliya. She feels sorry to have a relation with Adi and breaking Aaliya and Adi’s bond. Aaliya tells Roshni that she can never forgive her for snatching Adi. She reveals that she will snatch her baby soon, so that she can go through the same pain. She gets upset that Ishita wasn’t with her and chose to be with Roshni just because of this child.

She tells Roshni that she will not be secretive and play fair in open. She promises to love the baby a lot, and make the baby away from Roshni. She doesn’t want Roshni to get anyone’s love. Roshni doesn’t feel bad of her anger. She is sure that Aaliya will love her child a lot and not let him miss her even. She wants to leave the baby with Aaliya and go away from everyone. She sheds tears. Ruhi asks Raman to be with Ishita. She reminds their consent given in court. Raman and Ishita decide to stay together for the sake of Adi’s child.

Ishita tells him that they won’t come in each other’s way. Simmi informs the happenings to Parmeet. She wishes to do something and spoil IshRa’s happiness. Mrs. Iyer spies on Simmi. She learns about Simmi’s meeting with an astrologer. She seeks help from Kiran. She asks Kiran to question her later and just give her information.

Mrs. Iyer gets the contact details and tries to outdo Simmi beforehand. Ishita meets Aaliya and apologizes to her. She tries to resolve their issues. She explains why she was helpless to look after Roshni for the sake of Adi’s child. She tells Aaliya that things went out of control, but she had to stay back and handle things being a responsible person. She asks Aaliya to get in her place and think of her duties. She tells her that she didn’t want to hurt her, but the situation got her back home with Roshni.

She asks Aaliya to trust her. Aaliya accepts that Roshni will be with them till her delivery. She tells Ishita that she has no problem with Roshni and her baby. She asks Ishita to have dinner with them. Aaliya behaves nice with everyone. Ishita hopes that the entire family will forgive Roshni. Raman doesn’t like to share the room with Ishita. She learns his dilemma. She asks him not to worry, she will move out of the room at night.

Raman’s problem gets solved. Raman worries on seeing her sleeping on the floor. He doesn’t get good sleep in his room. He gets restless when the AC doesn’t work. He goes out to sleep in the hall. Ruhi and Roshni find Ishita sleeping on the ground. They let her sleep there. They get surprised when Raman comes there to share the space. He gets a backache after sleeping on the sofa.


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