Parenting: Simple ways to build trust with your children


The concept of trust is a complicated one. It can take years to build and moments to shatter. The presence or absence of trust in any relationship strongly affects a person’s happiness in life. Undoubtedly, parenting is hard in everyday normal circumstances. But, when there’s trauma in your family situation, it becomes even more so. Sometime,s these events can affect your relationship with your child. Parents play a significant role in developing the trust with their children.

In order to foster the development of the positive core beliefs that grow trust, keep these four actions in mind:

Listening is different than hearing. Listening is an action of keen interest. Listening to a child means to recognize their words, but more importantly to seek or understand their underlying message or a feeling that they are conveying through words. Sometimes, Parents does not listen and understand their child’s needs that bring the gap in parent-children relationship. We have to show to children that we are paying attention by paraphrasing their words back to them, staying focused on feeling words. Speaking up is important for a perfect bonding.

People learn a lot about a person’s intention by focusing on their eyes. When speaking to a child, gently look into your child’s eye to understand their feelings. Always pay attention with eyes and responds through words.

Children will automatically verbally or non-verbally ask for help, as long as they believe their trust will be answered. In order to grow trust and continue your child’s openness, every child needs to be answered to the best of your ability.

Parents shouldn’t lie to their children as this will encourage them to make a habit of telling lies. Parents have to indulge in saying truth whatever be the situation. This helps children match verbal and non-verbal communication, reducing confusion. It also helps little ones understand what positive moral ethics are. Children are a reflection of their parents, they will magnify the best or worst part about you.


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