Tu Aashiqui: Ahaan’s new test to achieve his love

Tu Aashiqui lines up Ahankti's separation again

Anita tells Ahaan that she will not let him marry Pankti without paying a price. She asks him if his career is stable, if he is able to give financial security to Pankti. She questions him about his unstable status. She tells Ahaan that if he wants to marry Pankti, he has to earn a lot of money and buy a house for Pankti to ensure her financial security. She promises to give Pankti’s hand to him happily if he fulfills her condition. Ahaan gets helpless to bend down in front of another condition. He accepts Anita’s challenge and tells Pankti that he will soon get famous and suitable to become her life partner.

Pankti is sure that Ahaan will keep his word. She wishes Anita ends her greed and lets her marry Ahaan with peace. Anita hides her true intentions and tries to sell Pankti to a rich client. She conceals the matter from Ahaan and Pankti. She recollects her insult and wants to take revenge from Aparna by selling Pankti again.

On the other hand, Poorva changes completely. She wants to punish Vikram for framing her. She messages Vikram at night and asks him to meet. Vikram gets a huge shock by her strange request. On way to success, Ahaan comes across Rangoli, who falls for him and gets adamant to get him. Pankti fears of losing her love to Rangoli. Rangoli gets to hear Pankti’s melodious voice and learns that Pankti will be lending her voice in her music album. She plans to steal Pankti’s voice and talents to use in her favor. Rangoli becomes a big problem for Ahaan and Pankti’s love tale.


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