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Udaan: Chakor and Suraj meet just before his engagement with Naina. Suraj confesses love to Chakor. He ensures her that he will just be of him. He gets engaged with her. They have a romantic moment. Chakor reciprocates his love. He tells her that his love will always remain the same, he is helpless because of his commitment towards serving the country. Chakor makes Suraj wear her ring in the chain so that it stays close to heart. She prepares him for the fake engagement.Suraj and Chakor share sweet moments before he goes to Colonel’s house. They hug and fear for their separation. They give strength to each other so that they can face all the odds and succeed. Suraj tries his best to steal Colonel’s secrets and help the RAW.

Saam Daam Dand Bhed:
Vasu is troubled. She cries seeing the love letters. She shares the problem with Bulbul. Bulbul gets angry knowing the matter. Bulbul consoles her. Vasu says I should have thrown the love letters before, Yug has cheated me, I should not have fallen for him. Bulbul tells Vasu that the letters will remind her how people cheat and make plans, she shouldn’t blindly trust anyone again. She asks Vasu to learn from her mistakes. Bulbul and Mandira get into an argument. They teach manners to each other. Bulbul tells Mandira that Vasu’s relation will always be the same with her. Vasu asks Bulbul not to invite problems for herself. She doesn’t want Mandira to trouble Bulbul. Bulbul learns that Vijay has married Mandira for saving Vasu’s respect. She wants to stop Mandira for taking advantage of Vijay’s silence. Bulbul gets confident knowing Vijay doesn’t love Mandira, he is trapped by Mandira. She is happy that Vijay loves her.

Kulffi Kumarr Bajewala:

Kulfi goes missing. Sikandar and Mohendar try to find her. Sikandar gets much tensed and gets into an argument with a stall vendor. The vendor tells Sikandar that a man has taken the little Sardar boy, but he didn’t observe the man’s face well. He asks Sikandar why is he scolding him when he can’t manage his child. Sikandar loses his temper when he gets no answers about Kulfi. Kulfi goes with a person, assuming him to be her dad. Amyra has sent Kulfi with the man, by lying to her. Kulfi believes that she has got her dad and hugs him.

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein:

Adi’s child cries at night and keeps everyone on toes. Simmi and Parmeet get disturbed and ask them to take the baby away. Parmeet gets loose talking. Raman angrily slaps him. He asks Parmeet to leave from the house. Everyone tries to pacify the baby. They think what happened to the baby that he is crying so much. They try home remedies for baby relief. Simmi asks the family are they incapable of managing the baby. Parmeet asks won’t we sleep in peace, what’s happening that everyone got mad after the baby. Raman asks Parmeet not to test his patience, else he will beat him to pulp.

Mariam Khan – Reporting LIVE:

Mahira’s Mehendi ceremony will be bringing new twists. Meher writes Zain’s name in Mahira’s hand, which upsets the later. Rihaan takes a disguise and turns into the mehendi artist. Rihaan meets Mahira in the female avatar and applies mehndi to her. Rihaan writes his name in Mahira’s hand. Mahira gets happy when she sees Rihaan. Rihaan and Mahira share an eye lock. Zain isn’t aware of Mahira and Rihaan’s love story. Meher knows about Mahira’s intentions to wed Rihaan.


Priyanka learns about Daksh’s absence. She leaves her marriage and goes to find Daksh. She believes Daksh. She thinks where did he run away when he loves her so much. Its a big thing for her. She deals with her tensions. Daksh gets scared of getting exposed and runs away from Oberoi mansion. Priyanka meets with an accident. Shivay rushes to the hospital to see her. Shivay is much upset knowing about Priyanka’s accident. He finds Daksh with Priyanka and scolds him. Daksh misleads Shivay and tells him that Anika is responsible for Priyanka’s accident.

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