Yeh Hai Mohabbatein: Raman takes an angry avatar to tackle Parmeet

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein, Bhallas bring the baby home and welcome in a grand way

Roshni hands over her baby to Aaliya. Bhallas bring the baby home and welcome in a grand way. They celebrate the baby’s coming. They were eagerly waiting for this time. They keep a puja for the baby, followed by a welcome party. Everyone rejoices and dances happily. Roshni decides to leave from the house without informing anyone. She thinks Aaliya will manage the baby well. Roshni leaves the house with a heavy heart. She feels guilty for snatching Adi from Aaliya. She leaves from Bhalla house.

Adi’s child cries at night and keeps everyone on toes. Simmi and Parmeet get disturbed and ask them to take the baby away. Parmeet gets loose talking. Raman angrily slaps him. He asks Parmeet to leave from the house. Everyone tries to pacify the baby. They think what happened to the baby that he is crying so much.

They try home remedies for baby relief. Simmi asks the family are they incapable of managing the baby. Parmeet asks won’t we sleep in peace, what’s happening that everyone got mad after the baby. Raman asks Parmeet not to test his patience, else he will beat him to pulp.

Simmi asks Raman not to misbehave with her husband. Raman asks Simmi to control her husband first. He tells them that he doubts on Parmeet in Tania’s suicide case. He tells them that police got clues against the hired goon, who compelled Tania for suicide. He says Parmeet had hired Raghav and once I get the proof against Parmeet, I will throw him behind bars. He threatens Parmeet. Simmi gets worried and starts defending Parmeet. Parmeet tells Simmi that its no use to explain Raman, but he will surely take revenge for the slap. Ishita and the family have to manage the baby, without Roshni.

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