Yeh Hai Mohabbatein: Raman and Ishita’s short-lived happiness….

Raman asks the NGO women to stop the protest

Ishita manages to stop Romi by her emotional speech. Raman and Ishita succeed to change Raman’s mind by reminding their past togetherness. Raman tells Romi that he loves him a lot, and his scolding is just a way to express his love. He doesn’t want to lose Romi at any cost. Raman asks Romi not to leave them. Romi hugs Raman and cries out. He changes his decision and apologizes to them. He doesn’t leave the family. He unites with them again. He regrets for losing his way. Ishita succeeds to unite the family. Raman tells Romi that he will go to Rome for the new business, he will lead the project. Romi gets happy with the big news. The Bhallas thank Ishita for keeping their happiness. Raman gets grateful to Ishita for stopping Romi in the family. Romi leaves for Rome to head the new project.

Raman is sure that Romi will manage his business well. He thanks Ishita for managing the family. He gets a shocking news. Bhallas’ happiness gets short-lived when they learn about Tania’s suicide. They receive another shock as the police accuses Raman for Tania’s suicide. Shagun gets information from the police. Simmi and Parmeet manage to trap Raman in the case. They hide from the family members and sneak into their room silently. Inspector gets Tania’s suicide note. He tells Raman that Tania has held him responsible for driving her to take this step. He scolds Ishita for defending such a husband, who might have really been at fault. He tells them that Tania died because of Raman. The family gets a big shock. Ishita doesn’t believe this. She feels someone is using Tania against Raman.

Parmeet and Simmi try to act normal and fool the family. Simmi wants Raman to get arrested. Inspector arrests Raman. Ishita tells inspector that he can’t arrest Raman without any solid evidence. Shagun asks Ishita to let them take Raman, they can fight legally and apply for bail. Ishita assures Raman that she will bail him out from the mess. Bhallas get disturbed over the new trouble striking them. Simmi gets happy seeing the family’s sorrow. She acts ignorant and asks for Raman. Ishita loses her temper and scolds Simmi for framing Raman.

The family reprimands Simmi for getting Raman arrested. Simmi keeps her story ready to defend herself. Ishita tells Simmi that she has understood everything and very soon she will expose Simmi. Simmi asks Ishita to collect evidence first and then blame her. She learns about Tania’s suicide. She didn’t knew about the suicide. She asks Parmeet about Tania’s extreme step. Simmi claims ignorance in the suicide matter.


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