Ishq SubhanAllah: Miraj to takedown Kabeer-Zara’s happiness

Miraj to trouble Kabeer

Kabeer and Zara have an outing with their friends Reema and Imran. Zara drives the scooty and takes Kabeer for a ride. Zara feels happy and finds his gift the best one. They reach a Dhaba and enjoy a feast. Kabeer gets more cool than before. He doesn’t bound Zara and surprises her. They have a romantic moment. Kabeer is putting efforts to save his marriage. She tries to tell him about Miraj. She thinks Miraj is dangerous for Kabeer. He wants to alert Kabeer. He doesn’t let her talk. She asks him to promise, that he will always be with her. Kabeer promises her.

Later, Kabeer pulls Zara’s leg to enlighten her mood. They have a dance. Miraj breaks their romance. He spoils their happiness by showering his taunts. He tells Kabeer that he has seen many people romancing after marriage, but its the first time he is seeing someone romancing after divorce. He praises Kabeer to be a good husband, who is romancing his wife after deciding for divorce. He acts as Kabeer’s friend and instigates him against Zara. Zara will fight back and fail Miraj.


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