Krishna Chali London: Radhe to support Krishna in her brave act

Krishna Chali London: Radhe's shocking deed to dishearten Krishna

Shukla gets raging when Radhe asks him to apologize to Krishna. He outright refuses. He instigates Gajanan against his wife Lali, who supported Krishna and humiliated him in front of the family. Gajanan gets angry and beats up Lali, while their children cry seeing the violence. The entire family stays habitual to such things and stay normal about it. Krishna gets restless when she hears Lali’s screams and cry. She tells Radhe that she can’t sit inside the room and let Lali get beaten up when Lali wasn’t at fault. She runs to save Lali from Gajanan’s tortures. Radhe’s mum asks Krishna to go back to her room. Krishna doesn’t listen and asks Radhe to help her break the door. They break inside the door and get a big shock on seeing wounded Lali.

Krishna cries seeing her injury and cares for her. Krishna gets angry on Radhe’s mum for not showing any humanity towards Lali. She asks Radhe’s mum to realize Lali’s pain. She asks Radhe to call for a doctor for Lali’s treatment.

His mum stops him from following Krishna’s orders. Shukla learns the matter and rages on Krishna for going mad and defaming the family. He asks his wife to look after Lali and also treat Krishna’s madness. Krishna does Lali’s aid. Radhe assists her. Krishna gets to see the family’s light take on Lali’s condition. She feels Lali is facing a worse time in the mad family Krishna takes Lali to her room. She encourages Lali to fight back for herself and not bear any injustice. Krishna files a police complaint against Gajanan and gets him arrested for domestic violence.


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